Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rain, Rain

Last weekend we were bracing for a big storm.  It skipped over us.  The Virginia shoreline has some damage, the roads were flooded, there were pictures on Facebook of bridges I am glad not to have to drive on... and of course it pounded the North East.

But for us, it was 2 1/2 days of rain and wind, and it was kind of fun.  And we are very grateful to be able to say that.

Sandy in Virginia, Lots of rain, and luckily that is all, grateful for that

We went out to see how our yard was holding up, behind that fence is a steep drop off and in previous years we've fought erosion.  Luckily all the work we did last spring and summer is paying off.  Aren't the trees pretty?

Playing in the rain, two labs checking out the swamp behind the house as Sandy passes through

On the other side of that fence is this low swampy area.  This is it flooding after a full day of steady rain.  Steady but not torrential, in no way am I complaining.  Molly and Kahn Sol had fun exploring.  The littles and I stayed on high ground, didn't want to get stuck in the muck!  My older three went out to for a bit but I don't have pictures of those knuckleheads.

Too deep Molly

Getting too deep for Molly!


Molly coming back to us, but she has her eye on Kahn Sol who is enjoying the water.

October 2012, Checking out the water levels in the swamp, Sandy in Williamsburg Virginia

I love this picture!  Bitsy, Little Hawk, and Molly, out in the rain.


Michelle said...

Glad to hear that you fared well during the storm. A very sweet picture of Molly, Little Hawk, and Bitsy.

Lorraine said...

Adorable pic of the kids. I miss Fall. Thanks for visiting me. Have a great week! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥