Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend - Snowshoe WV

We weren't going to go anyway for Thanksgiving this year... and that was fine, it has been a hectic fall.  And then my husband received an email from Snowshoe Ski Resort in West Virginia saying that for the first time in 10 years they were going to be open Thanksgiving Weekend.  And they were offering some rather nice deals on lodging, because they weren't expecting to be open so there was plenty of lodging available and... excellent deals on lift tickets.  And so... here we are. (With many thanks to the three different households that offered to keep our dogs.)

Wednesday my kids did not have school - and so we got started on Wednesday, around 10 AM.  If you have ever traveled with my husband you know that this is incredibly late for him.  3 AM departures are not uncommon.  He decided to make a stop in Wintergreen and as we were driving into the resort a car pulled in behind us that looked and awful lot like our friends Erik & Brigid.  And it was them.  So we stopped by their place for a little while, Brigid and I caught up over a beer, the kids ran around, and then we piled back into the car.

We arrived in the dark, but not too late, and found our condo in Whistlepunk.  Wow.  What a condo!  I took some pictures but they do not do this place justice.

Thursday morning we went to purchase passes and try to get Little Hawk into day care.  There wasn't availability for him for Thursday but we were able to make reservations for him for Friday and Saturday. Tim & I took turns staying in the condo with the little guy and skiing with the other kids.  At this point they all ski.  The older four look really good on skis and Bitsy is the toughest little skier I've ever met, unlike most kids she doesn't whine for hot chocolate or to go in, she bargains for more time on the hill!  Really fun.

Snowshoe offered a Thanksgiving dinner- Turkey and trimmings- and we decided to partake.  Since we hadn't made reservations they suggested we arrive before 4.  Dinner was wonderful.  Salad and rolls, and a corn chowder topped with white chocolate (sounds weird tastes awesome!) and then turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes all on the sides - yum! And then deserts - your choice of pecan pie, lemon meringue, carrot cake, or chocolate cake.  We waddled back.

While at dinner we met up with Coach Billy and his daughter Kallie and the kids all skied together on Friday- really nice.  I'd not met Billy & Kallie before and they were a pleasure to be with.

Friday & Saturday Little Hawk was running hot and on motrin so we didn't take him to day care and again traded off skiing.  Some how I think that helped keep my husband be more relaxed about ski time. (He is usually up at the crack of dawn and pushing everybody out the door to ski)

On Saturday it started snowing and kept snowing.  Snowshoe fired up their snow guns on top of that so there was plenty of snow on the runs that are open.  If the temperature holds they have the whole mountain open before long.

On thing that I noticed that I really appreciated:  I've been elsewhere on national holidays, I've worked national holidays in Colonial Williamsburg; I was struck by the attitude of pretty much everyone I've run into here at Snowshoe, nobody seems to resent working over a holiday weekend.  Everyone seems to be in rather good spirits.  Everyone has been polite and pleasant.  It is really nice.

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