Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Christmas Card Picture

Some people hate the Christmas Cards and Christmas letters that are sent out every year.  One of my friends labeled it the annual "brag" fest and she didn't mean that in a humorous way...

But it is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

As a military brat I'd watch my mother's pile of letters and cards grow, and she kept them all, so she could catch up with people who like her were all over the world doing things they'd never imagined they'd be doing (loosing a son on a ferry in the Baltic Sea, playing hide and go seek in Roman Ruins with her kids, skiing the Alps, visiting Amsterdam for the Tulip Festival are memories that come to mind).  I loved that pile of mail and all the connections it represented.  I loved the blurbs and updates which is funny because I seldom remembered who any of those people were... but it was my mom's lifeline to family and friends in world without email or texting or facebook.

And so, I love the tradition of Christmas cards and letters and family photos and I save them.  If you have sent me a Christmas picture it is either in a scrapbook or waiting to get placed into one.  Last year I lost my address book - people only got cards from us if they sent us one first so I could have their address!  That was too bad because last year we announced Little Hawk's arrival - but so it goes.

So last weekend I made an attempt at the annual Christmas card photo.  HAH! 6 kids, 3 dogs (two are puppies...)


I love this one of the older kids, but Little Hawk and the puppies don't think much of this idea.

I got out candy canes to help Little Hawk focus, but that made for a stretched candy filled mouth, and distracted puppies



This one is an option... everybody is looking at me


This one is better of the kids, I much prefer the relaxed body language and genuine smiles.


This is also an option but I don't like that Dragon looks separate. Not his fault, K leaned towards Bitsy... but that hole is bothering me... but look how pretty the puppies are with their bows!

And because they are the newest babies I took some of the puppies...






FoxyMoron said...

Yep that second last one (of the whole group)is the best one I think. You're a brave Mum for even attempting such a shot though, I'm thinking of just sending ordinary cards this year, the idea of organising two moody teenagers is a bit much to contemplate.

Michelle said...

Like you, I LOVE Christmas cards. I grew up as an Air Force Brat and this time of year I always get to catch up on what everyone is doing....where ever they are! I did a collage card this year, using multiple shots of farm/dogs/kids/adults. You took some great shots!

delia hornbook said...

aahhh what a truely beautiful family you have and such a sweet idea. I like them all to be honest because there all natural and little moments in time in a sense of there own. Your puppies are adorable and so are your children. dee x