Saturday, December 1, 2012

Homes for Our Troops

this morning I took Little Hawk, Bitsy & Thalia (the GSD puppy) to Duke Of Gloucester street for the Williamsburg Christmas Parade.  MLyons and her grandmother left the house ahead of us so that they could meet up with Virginia Regional Ballet and march with the dance school.

The parade was really fun - it always is - and I took some pictures to share and Thalia got her "socializing" in for the day (she does not like the drums in the marching band, or motorcycles, or bag pipes in case you were interested).  But somewhere between the dance school, the car, and the house I put down my phone... yes I know... I'm a moron... and so pictures will have to wait until I find my phone.

But what I *really* wanted to share today was that after the parade I met a young man named CPL Johnathan Jackson.  He was handing out flyers about the groundbreaking for his home, sponsored by Homes for Our Troops.

Johnathan Jackson is a Veteran who lost his leg at the hip while deployed and Homes for Troops is an organization whose mission is to build specially adapted homes for service members who have been severely injured in combat.  Please click on this link and listen to his story. *here*

Prior to today I had not heard of Homes for Our Troops.  I am so glad to have met CPL Jackson today and heard about this organization.  The ground breaking for his new home is on December 29th, that is in 28 days!

I do not wish to get up on a soap box or anything and I do not have a direct tie to the military so I *don't know* how things are these days.  But I do know that the veterans that I've spoken to from Afghanistan and Iraq feel disenfranchised.  They feel that the majority of the people in this country have no idea what they (the military) do, what they go through, and that the majority of the people in this country don't care.  And that is embarrassing to me as a civilian.  And upsetting. Because I do care. Having just read "American Patriot The Life and Wars of Colonel Bud Day" by Robert Coram, I am particularly sensitive to the care veterans are receiving.  So I am really thrilled to have learned that there is an organization whose mission it is to provide homes that are designed with specific physical needs in mind.  This is really wonderful.

So go to Cpl Jackson's site and listen.  And if you ar able to work, come help out, and if you can spare a dollar, donate it.

Thank you

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