Sunday, December 2, 2012

Skiing shout outs

my husband and oldest 3 kids are skiing Copper Mountain in Colorado today.  My little Bitsy is lying on the couch moaning (the stomach flu is going around) and I'm getting ready to decorate for Christmas.  Yesterday was the Christmas parade and I *still* can't find my phone.  My husband is not going to be impressed with me.  And I took my earnings from Sugar and Spice consignment to the bank and then wrote a check to Chelsea Marshall.

Last May I wrote a post about buying cookies from Chelsea to support her fundraising efforts.  You can read it *here*

There is something about the Marshalls that I am drawn to.  Both Chelsea and her brother Tucker write passionately about skiing, about giving their opportunity to compete everything they have.  If the older two brothers are as committed to their goals as the younger sibs are, I'd really like parenting lessons from their parents!  But in addition I just really like Chelsea.  Okay, I've never met her, but I read her blog and follow her on twitter and she found me on FB and there is a lot to like.  I mean, her blog is about skiing, good food, her family and her dogs.  How can I not like this girl?

She recently shared a really neat article from the Calgary HeraldHudec looks to build off of dream comeback season; Calgary ski racer’s career stayed alive on donations from friends, now he’s the one giving back

Read more:

I know it gives her hope.  I also think that it is important because it reminds a "public" that is used to NFL players arguing over large salaries that professional athletes in most sports rarely see that kind of financial backing.  These athletes are not in this for money (no one would ski anymore!) and they aren't doing it for the glory; I live in Tidewater Virginia so its a given that nobody knows who ski racers are, but I bet you if you walk down the street in Aspen Colorado 1/2 of that population cannot name more than 5 alpine athletes.  No, Alpine Racers do this because they love it and they are driven to do it.  I had an art teacher once who said "If you can do anything else, do it.  Only be an artist if it is the only thing you can be."

So I send off my little check to Chelsea because I want to encourage this Olympian and World Cup athlete.

And while I'm doing shout outs I want to link back to Megan McJames too.  Megan is another Olympian and World Cup skier (World Cup is bigger than the Olympics everywhere but in the US.  Europeans follow skiing like Americans follow football or baseball) looking to continue skiing and seeking support.  In her latest post she included an image that cracked me up Megan's blog

skiing! borrowed from Megan McJames's blog

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