Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Headed to NJ

I do have two more preschool finger print projects to share but those will have to wait until next week.
I'm on my way to New Jersey (or will be in a matter of hours)  On riday I received a phone call, my grandfather had died in his sleep.  My grandfather has been sick and dying for 15 if not 20 years so this wasn't a huge shock, and yet it is.  My grandparents always provided "home" to a military family on the move.  His address was the first address I knew.  His phone number the first phone number I learned.  They were our home base.  After my father died too early (dad was 35 years old, I was 14) both of my grandparents, but especially my grandfather, stepped up into my dad's place in my life.  My grandfather's mother had died when he was 13 (I think) so he knew.  In talking to my husband about it over the weekend I said I felt like a lily pad whose tether had been cut and I was floating down stream.  My husband's grandfather died last spring, he knew exactly what I meant.  Our grandfathers were the people other people looked to for advice or help, and suddenly we really were grownups in the sense that we didn't have that safety net anymore.  It is a weird feeling.

I am so grateful to my grandfather, he gave me so much.  More than I can say and I am sure when I return from the funeral I'll want to write a proper post about him.

In the meantime:

Edward Mulhare

MULHARE Edward A., 85 died peacefully at his home in Longboat Key, Florida on February 24, 2012. A resident of Florida, he had previously been a resident of River Edge, NJ and a parishioner of St. Peter the Apostle Church for over 50 years. Ed Mulhare, born in Kingston NY in 1926, was a devoted and beloved husband and father. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Kathleen Kinross Mulhare (Kay); sons, Keith Mulhare of Ridgewood NJ and Drew Mulhare of Williamsburg VA; daughter, Lisa Sanderson of Landenberg PA; daughter-in-law, Mary Mulhare of Williamsburg VA; sister, Mary Lockwood of Stamford, CT. Kay and Ed's eldest son, USAF Major Ross Mulhare, died in the line of duty in 1986 as a test pilot for the stealth fighter development program. Ed and Kay Mulhare also had fourteen grandchildren and twelve great-grandchild-ren. Edward Mulhare was deeply loved by his family and friends. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and had also served in the Merchant Marines. Ed earned a BS degree from Boston University and a MBA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He led a successful career as an investment professional having served as a VP of Prudential Financial, an Executive VP of Republic Bank and the founding Chairman and C.E.O. of Merrill Lynch Interfunding. He also served on the board of directors of several privately held companies. Funeral from the Beaugard Funeral Home, 869 Kinder-kamack Rd., River Edge, where his family will receive friends on Wednesday evening 7-9 PM. A Mass of Christian Burial will be on Thursday at 10:30 AM at St. Peter the Apostle Church. Interment is at George Washington Memorial Park Cemetery in Paramus. Donations may be made in memory of Edward Mulhare to the American Diabetes Association , www.diabetes.org. Published in The Record/Herald News on February 28, 2012

my husband created a slideshow for my grandfather, which was viewed during his wake. We gave copies on disk to a few people (my aunts and uncles mostly we didn't have time to make very many) and created a drop box file. And then my husband uploaded it onto youtube - and I'm not sure how my grandfather would feel about that. He's the sort that was only in the paper in his wedding announcement, his promotions at work, and his obituary. I'm not sure that he would want to join the "reality show" entertainment craze. But I do think that it will make him chuckle that Edward Mulhare (the actor) and Edward Mulhare my grandfather (two different people) are likely to confuse the heck out of viewers on Youtube.

photo quota?

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Who knew we had a photo quota? I guess I'll be heading back to photobucket... I used to use them when I first got started blogging.
anyway - I don't have time to sort it al out right now-

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pink & Blue Bunnies

This little stool is another one of the fingerprint crafts I did for the preschool fundraising auction.

This replaced the other rocker, that I loved but didn't have the time to redo properly and really, who am I kidding? I don't know how to redo properly.

So two weeks ago I ran out and bought a wooden stool from Farm House American Crafts.  It was $50 so  I just hope it really is an American craft!  But it is sturdy and seems well made and I have a kids table I bought out there 11 or 12 years ago that is in awesome shape.

spray painted it white and then went to the "Bunny" class to collect fingerprints.

little bunnies
stacking two thumb prints one atop of the other and then adding ears is so very simply but I really love it :-) I have a small quilt that was made back when my oldest was two.  They took a hand print from each child and made autumn leaves on a tree... I pull it out every fall.  I thought this might be something that could be pulled out every spring regardless of how old the child is.

I'm going to link this too:
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a little step stool, redone, and fingerprinted

Another upcycled piece for the preschool auction:

kinda beat up red step stool, but well made
So I started with something I bought at the paint store to try to take off some of the paint (you can't tell but in some parts the red paint had been applied very heavily)

Made some progress but not really enough, so I dug around the basement and found some "kills" and applied that

Not a red stool anymore.  I had some yellow interior house paint so I applied that, twice, but it wasn't covering as well as I would have liked.  And then I remember that Debbie (at Debbiedoo's) always spray paints and it always turns out.  So I went to Home Depot.

Happy Yellow.  There is just something about yellow, sure it is bright and it usually doesn't really "go" but it is such a great color.

This class is called the Beavers.  I actually thought about trying to sketch in Beavers like I did with the Squirrels but decided that was most likely not going to look right.  So I opted for Ladybugs.  You can put 'em in the kids room, in the kitchen, or in the bathroom.  I mean, who doesn't like Ladybugs?

so the kids' fingerprints are the bugs.

all done

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Rockin' Squirrels

So I wrote that in addition to my normal mayhem (AND it being ski season- ski season means weekends away, travel laundry, ski gear, packing, unpacking, and organizing food) I'd volunteered to help out with a fundraising project for Bitsy's preschool.  The fundraising chair decided to hold an auction (they do well around here) and she'd never done one before and she didn't have a committee and I took pity... that was back in September.

In January I received some furniture which I actually posted about here

And here is project one:

donated wooded rocker

sketched out squirrels
finished piece
thumb print bellies

I sanded the rocker enough so that the paint would hold, spray painted it an antique white, used acrylic to paint the squirrel shapes and then took it into school for finger prints.  You'll notice there is one less squirrel in the sketches, when I got to school I found out that a new student had joined the class a week ago.  I made them into squirrels because this class of preschoolers is called "the squirrel" class...
And I spray painted it with clear glossy varnish after- to protect the little finger prints as long as possible.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Pink Saturday - Karen's, Churchville VA

Last weekend I drove my J3 ski racer to Snowshoe West VA.  On the way we drove through the town of Churchville, and we saw the coolest little place:

Karen's Emporium & Boutique
It so happened that one of the racer's was celebrating her 14th birthday that weekend and my daughter had been on the lookout for a present.  I quick pulled a u-turn and stopped at Karen's.  Little Hawk was asleep in the car seat so I sent K in and said "15 minutes tops."
Then I stepped out of the car and took a photo for pink saturday-

I mean really, how could I not?

and then after 20 minutes I decided I'd better go inside and find my daughter, we did need to get to our destination and preferably not too late.  My J3 Ski racer usually has an 8 AM course inspection or something.

I found her infront of this fabulous display.  Can you blame her?  She had found a wallet that was bright pink faux leather with zebra faux leather accents and was himming and hawing and I said "would you want it?" and she said "yes!" and I said, "well then I'm sure your friend will love it."  And they put it in a bag with tissue and a ribbon that said "Happy Birthday" and we continued on our merry way.  Next time I drive through Churchville I will be sure to stop by Karen's.  It is just wonderful!

I am linking this post to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Rural Virginia

Took the oldest to Snowshoe West Virginia to race this weekend.  Wished I'd had the "good camera" to take photos of the many beautiful views along the way, did pull over to snap this with the iphone