Friday, April 27, 2012

Just love new dresses!

Somehow I found Zulily, possibly through a blog add and possibly even from my own blog... but anyhow I found them and recently I ordered the cutest dresses from a company called "ava loves olli" ever heard of them? me neither, but the dresses were darling and priced way down and I purchased 2 for my 5 year old and 2 for my 7 year old... and they recently arrived. And I noticed they are made in the US. And they are well made. And they are darling. So I went to look up "ava loves olli" and all I can find is an etsy site. And that makes me almost sad because I am worried that if they were on Zulily then they might be closing out the business and they are darling! Really darling! And I am always so excited when I can buy something that was made within the country...

Bitsy's New Dress Photobucket anyhow, I love these dresses and I really hope "ava loves olli" will be around for a while. And if you have never checked out Zulily and you have a little ones to shop for, I invite you to have a look. And if you'll follow my link I'll even get a credit for it.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mary Mulhare, Interior Design

Mary is my mom.  And last week we scanned photos and worked on creating a slide show portfolio for her to share at a luncheon where she had been invited to speak.  I was so excited for her.  My mom has been in interior design for sometime but does not do a lot of self promotion and is comically uncomfortable with online self promotion.  She is a very private person.

me and mom

But she is a good designer, and in my opinion not enough people know it.

So I'm telling you. (grin)

I want to upload the slideshow to youtube but for that I need my mother's gmail and I don't know the password (did I mention she is a very private person?) so that will have to wait until she comes over again.

In the meantime here are two of her interiors:
Design by Mary Mulhare (I do not know the name of the photographer but as soon as I get that I will credit properly)

Mary Mulhare Interior

I love this one.  I love the colors, the space, the repeat of the squares and how very contemporary yet comfortable it is.

Mary Mulhare Interior

This is obviously a different client and a different house.  So Williamsburg and so glorious!

My mother strives to honor the client, the client's sense of style, the client's ideal home, all the while offering good design.  Don't you think she's wonderful?

I did get her to start a google plus page here

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee & a Book: The Game of Thrones

I love this series!

I picked up the first book, "The Game of Thrones" a month ago in an airport.  I was looking for "The Hunger Games" but it was a small airport with an even smaller book store and they didn't have it.  I had seen ads for the t.v. show "The Game of Thrones" and I like medieval stories of lords and ladies and so but what had really caught my eye was Sean Bean.  He played Boromir in "The Lord of the Rings" and did a beautiful job.  I watch the rings trilogy with my husband once a year, it is tradition and I love it.  And I really admire Bean's portrayal of Boromir as a man.  He isn't evil, he is human and as a human he is susceptible to the power of the ring and it ultimately betrayed by his love for his country.  So Bean plays the character "Ned Stark" in the Thrones and he is on the cover of the book, and so I picked it up.  And I was hooked.  I came home and bought book two the day I finished book one.  My husband hasn't been home much but while he was here he noticed my obsession and checked to see if he could download season one of the show.  We did and watched it in a weekend.  {It is wildly inappropriate by the way- nudity- language- violence; not to for the family!}
So he downloaded the 4 pack of books onto his ipad and mine as well.  I read book 3 and 4 on the ipad and book 5 isn't available for download so I'm going to have to buy the book.  I have a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble in the morning when I drop my littles off at preschool, guess where I'm headed?

If you've read them you know that there are all kinds of characters in this book and the great thing is that they evolve.  I immediately fell for Arya Stark and Jon Snow and so far they haven't let me down.  I find that Brienne, who isn't introduced until book 3 or 4, is the person I most relate to and that is interesting.  I wonder how they are going to portray her in the t.v. version.

Jon is played by Kit Harington and he is just perfect. I'm really rooting for this character and I'm find myself rooting for Kit too.  I hope to see him again in more t.v. or movies.  Apparently he is in Silent Hill 3 and so is Sean Bean so you'd think I'd run out and rent it, but its a horror film and I don't watch horror.  They really freak me out.  So I'm disappointed but hopefully I'll see him in something else before too long.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lowry Park Zoo

My husband has been working for a client in Tampa - they are in the middle of a 'go live' which means he is on call around the clock; on Thursday when he travels home, he will have been on call at the client site for 3 weeks straight. So - for spring break I loaded up my kids into my minivan and headed south. Man that is a looong drive! Lowry Park Zoo, entrance, Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa Florida; this is my family, please do not use this photo without permission We drove down on a Monday, and on Tuesday we went to the Zoo. A friend of mine had told me about the Lowry Park Zoo and it had stuck in my head, so I went and Googled it. You can feed the giraffes. That got my attention, I've been to plenty of zoos but I've never fed a giraffe. I have mixed feelings about zoos, I know that there are a good many species nearing extinction that would have been lost completely if not for zoos. And these days zoos seem to really try to keep the animals happy and comfortable. And the Lowry park zoo rehabilitates Manatees on top of that. We were talking to one of the zoo personnel as she fed them- lettuces- and she said they do not interact with the manatees after they've been to the medical clinic. Once they are in the tank they are pretty much left alone to grow strong enough to be released back into their natural habitat. I did think that was pretty cool. And this zoo is in Florida with Orlando only about an hour away, so they have to compete and they do try. There is a kids' area with some water fountains to run in and out of, and goats to pet and brush, and a roller coaster and a carousel and so on.
  H Feeding Giraffe, Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida, you can feed the giraffe's lettuce K Feeding Giraffe, Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida, you can feed the giraffe's lettuce Tiger Rollercoaster, at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida We returned on Thursday that week and MLyons and K brought their sketch pads. I cannot tell you how my artist soul sings to see my two girls sketching animals at the zoo! Photobucket K sketching

 The Bear Sloth was funny, it didn't want to come out of its night time enclosure so we all waited for it and finally it shuffled out looking for all the world like a teenager trying to get up for school. Poor thing! Photobucket And on Thursday I brought enough cash to pay to ride the camels. Had I payed attention when I was paying entrance fees I would have bought the kids each a wrist band which I believe allows them pony rides and camel rides and giraffe feedings all for one $6.00 fee. I paid $4.00 for the camel ride and $3.00 for the lettuce to feed the Giraffe. {it is Romaine lettuce, really! but how often do you get to feed a giraffe?}



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and catching up...

lots going on- my husband spent 3 weeks straight in Tampa Florida for work and I drove the kids to see him for the kids' spring break. I hope to get around to sharing a few pictures - the zoo was great! We went to Indian Rocks Beach, which was great! I obsessively read "The Game of Thrones" book 3 on my ipad late at night in the hotel room... it was a busy week and I got home exhausted. Really exhausted. Took a week to recover. The husband came home for a weekend and packed himself off to Germany for several days. In the meantime they are building a house next door and all the dirt that is being dug out to create a basement has been loaded into dump trucks and trucked across my yard and dumped into my backyard so that we can level it and create a lawn (LONG STORY) and there was a crew taking down trees (meticulous job) and my car was in the shop for a egr valve and on Friday I was out helping mom with a presentation she had been invited to do regarding interior design. So I spent some time prior downloaded photos and moving them into power point so that she could have the visuals- and of course the usual soccer, taekwondo, ballet, and so schedule has been adding to the chaos. CHAOS! So there I am...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Something Blue

Two friends of mine have decided to open up a Bridal Boutique, I think the opening date is set for this Fall. And they've asked me to help them with their logo/business stationary. I love art and drawing but I'm not a graphic designer, so I told them I'd give them a start but they'd have to actually hire someone to pull it all together. And then I spent a bunch of time googling bridal images, and couture bridal images and finally fell upon this incredibly awesome site: hprints and I am head over heels in love with this particular print "Soie Naturelle Textile 1930 by Phili" Which inspired some sketches:

copy: Soie Naturelle 1930 Wedding Dress Phili, prismacolor marker blue slate, drawing after Phili for the Inspired Bride, this is my own work, please do not use without permission
 and this one:
  bride, prismacolor marker blue slate, drawing after Phili for the Inspired Bride, this is my own work, please do not use without permission
 and finally this one
  Blue Bride 2, for "The Inspired Bride" inspired by Soie Naturelle Textile image by Phili please do not use this image without my permission

these images are for my friend to use if she wishes in connection with her business, please do not copy them without asking my permission first.  Thanks.

Sunday, April 1, 2012