Monday, January 21, 2013

Morning out at York River State Park


Whenever I walk people say "you've sure got your hands full" which always makes me laugh, because maybe they see me with one or two kids (usually the young ones) and the older dog and a puppy. I rarely walk the puppies together because that IS asking for trouble. And I just smile and nod at the comment, but I'm usually thinking, you should see the whole crew! I know my oldest is going to take me to task for this picture. She has a mouth full of donut. But I love it. I love that she's got a donut and the dog with her is licking his lips! And the interaction between Dragon & Tiger and their dogs, and the way MLyons is holding onto Little Hawk and how Bitsy -ever the drama queen - is letting it be known that the sun is in her eyes and she's cold. Today was Martin Luther King day. I did not celebrate by offering a day of service as is suggested, however I did enjoy my morning out with my kids. Yay for holidays!

The York River State Park near Williamsburg Virginia is horse and dog (on leash) friendly.  Views of river & marsh and wooded trails as well as a walk along the river beach can be found here.  My kids have found fossils and sharks teeth along that beach.  I believe the policy is that you have to leave what you find so we always bring a digital camera to record their treasures.

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Michelle said...

A wonderful picture of your group. Nice to see them in candid form!