Monday, February 4, 2013

Chihuly at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art

Virginia Museum of Fine Art
this exhibit is closing - Feb 10th I believe - but I finally made it to Richmond on Thursday.

Dale Chihuly is a glass artist. I love his love of color.  His understanding of light.  His use of reflections.  This is a great exhibit.

But myself, I responded the most strongly to his Drawing Wall.  Possibly because I work in two dimensional art.  Possibly because of the depth and texture of his drawings.  I spent a good 10 minutes on the drawing wall.  Looking at the paint he used, the texture to the paint, the reflections in the paint.  It looks like there might be pieces of sand or glass or some other gritty yet reflective substance in the paint and it was put on in such a painterly manner.  I found it very seductive.

 photo aab45a54-4484-4d54-b7f5-627534e2713a_zpsfc5efac6.jpg

Chihuly at the VMFA, Drawing Wall photo 283b948c-f913-45e9-97e8-05a265e5e316_zps45067c9d.jpg

 photo 565088ea-2dd3-4ebc-93f5-f18d51b929ae_zps782b731b.jpg

Also interesting to me was the way that these pieces were framed and displayed.  I also found myself thinking that I could never work in this way and recognize it as art, even though I was responding so strongly to these pieces.  I think because they are so free form and I always want my work to "be" something or resemble something.

My mother has been to see this exhibit numerous times.  She took my two older sons to see it a week ago, and my oldest daughter last fall when it opened and my middle daughter at a different time.  My oldest down loaded the Chihuly phone app while she was at the museum.  That is really fun.

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