Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More Chihuly

Chihuly - VMFA photo 2013-01-31123915_zps4d1e0deb.jpg
Southwest room

I *loved* this room.  Again, I came into the room and sat in a corner and just took in the room.  Who thinks about what to put on the wall behind their glass art!?! What a fabulous display! What a fabulous way to show us the thought process and the connection.  I LOVED this.  And I loved the art prints.  I loved that the photos and the blankets are displayed as one unit, one unit of photos, one unit of blankets.  This had a huge impact on me.  I wish I could meet Dale Chihuly and just listen to him and watch this process in action.  I'm fascinated.  In the store at the end of the exhibit there were actually books on the Pendelton Blanket collection.  Another book on the Native American Portrait collection.  

Chihuly - VMFA photo 2013-01-31124057_zps7a73bd0f.jpg
"baskets and pottery"
Chihuly - VMFA photo 2013-01-31124032_zps34c1343e.jpg

From the store:
Chihuly Pendeltons

Item Number: 1031281
Description: The book's foreword, written by historian Charles J. Lohrmann, renders a compelling account of the economic and human history of the blankets. Chihuly's Pendletons provides a rare opportunity to view both the artist's exquisite creations and the inspiration behind them.

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