Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ski House - more upstairs

The other bedroom:
This is K's and the guest room (well, I keep telling the kids that all the rooms are potentially guest rooms but this is the first option)
K is the one who wants a mountainy room.  And she is particularly fond of bears.  So we'll be adding some bears here and there as we go.

 photo IMG_3656_1024_zps792134be.jpg

I was in this room several times trying to get a decent photo - the lighting was just not working for me!  But this the idea:
So this is another headboard out of Grandma French's house.  The little dresser on the side was a find at the Rockfish Gap Country Store.  Tim fussed because the marble wasn't a "real top" and was just cut and placed on the dresser.  Whatever.  It isn't cut exact but I like the way the wood works with the bed.  And K likes the marble. Or fake marble, or whatever it is.

The sheets are flannel from the Vermont Country Store (online) and are *fabulous!* possibly the best in the house.  I found the comforter cover at Overstocks and was a little suspicious but it'll do.  The curtains are from Orvis and have lining to help with temperature regulation.  Wonderful.

 photo IMG_3647_zpsce98edde.jpg

 photo IMG_3664_zps3d3dc296.jpg

This is K's first art purchase.  She bought it in the Wintergreen area last year with our friend Brigid.

 photo IMG_3663_zpsb992d81b.jpg

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