Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ski House -

So I have in my head a ski house that looks like its been in the family forever - and my daughter wants one that is all mountainy (buffalo plaid and howling wolves) - and my husband, well actually I don't know what he wants.  And the rest of the kids haven't really said much either...

But I've been shopping around Williamsburg and up here in the mountains and little pieces and corners are coming along...

A peek at the upstairs room with twin beds:

The bedframe is out of Tim's Grandmother's attic.  There are definte benefits to there being so few grandchildren on that side of the family, and him being a. the closest and b. the one with a home.

I found the sheets at Garnet Hill.  I bought a set of flannel sheets from Garnet Hill over 12 years ago (I know it was at least that long because they are on the bed in the infant photos of my now 12 year old son) They lasted beautifully - are so cozy - and I love them.  So even though its been a while, Garnet Hill gets my bedding business.

I was shopping with my mom at the Velvet Shoestring in Williamsburg and she saw the comforter set.  That was a steal at $30.00.  I am not using the side with gorgeous magnolia pattern as it is too busy with the sheets (and I'd already bought the sheets) but I love the colors in the stripes on the reverse.  I am using the sham, and I found another pair of shams at Charlie's Antiques on Richmond Rd. Williamsburg.  I am so pleased with how they all go together! (incidentally - I am not bothered by consignment shopping for bedding, it was all dry cleaned before going on the bed an in excellent condition when I purchased it.)

The room needs painting and we will get to that - and I'm on the look out for a small white desk top for my artist to have - though I've warned her it won't be for "stacking things."  She is her momma's daughter and piles stuff all over the place.  And window treatments.

 photo IMG_3650_zpsd8e39280.jpg

 photo IMG_3651_zpsfbc25633.jpg
 photo IMG_3652_zps0f7a6d57.jpg

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