Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snowy Adventures

Saturday I went shopping out near Nelson County for furniture for the new place.  I found the most lovely store:

It is called "Greenwood Antiques and Uniques" and it is filled with the most wonderful finds.  It's sister store is "The Rockfish Gap Country Store."

Some ideas regarding what was inside:

I found a pine dresser drawers, a side table with drawers that looked like it might be walnut, and a refurnished tall dresser.  I wanted the tall dresser to go into the closet in the room with the twin beds.  With both beds in that room there isn't enough room for a dresser, and the little girls will use that room so they need drawers.  The side table with drawers is for the guest room which is also K's room.  It goes nicely with the bed that we pulled from grandma's attic.  And the pine dresser was to be in my room.  But Tim hated it.  (Actually I don't think he cared for any of it, but I would only agree to return the pine dresser.) Luckily for me they accepted the return without any fuss.

The shops closed at 5 PM and I started on my way back.  Tim called to tell me it was snowing by him and that I ought to be careful.  I was driving the big sprinter and last time he drove it up in snow it had slipped.  I thought he was being sweet, but really there wasn't a snowflake in sight and I wasn't worried.  Hah.  I made it along HWY 151 and turned towards Wintergreen and there was snow and by the time I was inside Wintergreen Resort there was heavy snow.  And the truck in front of me was moving slowly and I was relying on speed for traction.  I slipped once and pulled off at the next available spot, which happened to be the parking lot for the road maintenance vehicles.  

look at all that snow!

Tried to call Tim but I was in a dead spot and didn't have any cell service, so... I hopped out of the van and knocked on the door.  Nobody answered so I went inside.  I called "hello" and still nobody answered.  I was feeling a bit like Goldilocks.  After several minutes of looking around I decided to "borrow" a phone.  But got a busy signal.  So at this point (please imagine this with me) I started taking phones off a desks and dialing.  Just walking into one office after another.  No luck.  I was probably inside 15 to 20 minutes when I saw a truck pull in and go over to the big back hoe in the corner by the sand.  It was loading sand (or maybe salt) into the back of a truck so I headed over there.  The gentleman driving immediately brought me back inside, told me to use the phone I needed to dial 6, and showed me where the coffee pot was and the hot chocolate and the ladies room.  He showed me the coffee pot 3 or 4 times.  Then he went back to work.  I dialed 6 and called my husband.  Then I made coffee.  I could hear the dispatchers on the radios, the "down" side of the road was backed up and they couldn't plow or sand it because the cars were in the way.  After another 15 or 20 minutes of that nonsense they blocked off the "up" side, moved everybody down, and plowed the road.  Listening to all the chatter I knew it would be a while before my husband could get through in the pickup tuck.  So I just waited and drank coffee.  Occasionally one of the men working the road would stop in and look at me with surprise.  I think I was there nearly an hour by the time my husband was able to get to me.  His friend drove him - there are chains in the van for the tires but I've never put chains on tires in my life and didn't have a clue how.  By the time they got to me though the salt and sand on the road had done its job and we didn't need chains.  Funny though, my husband was more than happy to drive the van up  to the house and once we made the turn onto Devil's Knob Rd we did loose traction and start slideing backwards for a minute.  But I turned off the traction control and he revved it and we made it up.

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