Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This old Chimney

When we leave Wintergreen and head towards Waynesboro Virginia, we take Mt. Torrey Rd.  And we pass this chimney.  And it fascinates me.
Why is it there?
What happened to the rest of the structure?
It looks like the remains of the floor of a structure are laid out in front of the chimney.
I love the pattern of the brick and the cement block and the tree growing around it.

 photo IMG_3676_zpse139d1e9.jpg

 photo IMG_3677_zps28987092.jpg

 photo IMG_3678_zps67850720.jpg


Michelle said...

I see things like this out in the boondocks, where we live. I always find it intriguing to think about the lives that were going on in our area, in the past.

Meg said...

If I drive up through the western part of VA to go back to PA, I see a ton of these. I'm endlessly fascinated that the workmanship is so good that they are still standing eons after the building is gone!