Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cherry Tree photo IMG_1239_zps16be6833.jpg
Cherry Blossoms in my front yard, spring 2012

Spring storms get me. Actually, spring storms in Virginia get me. The storm yesterday left "between 2 and 3 feet of snow" at the ski house my husband said. But here it rained. It is just about freezing outside and rainy. That kind of cold gets into your bones as they say, and it is hard to shake. So... I made cheesecake. And filled up the bird feeder and scattered extra in the empty flower box on the deck for the squirrels. Made coffee. Sat by the window and watched birds, chickadees, cardinals, tufted tit mouse, a red headed wood pecker,and others. Then I went a dug out one of Grandma French's trashy novels. Some are better than others. I think I lost a few brain cells.  But today it is sunny again.

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