Saturday, March 2, 2013

Grandma's Dishes at the Ski House

Last week I posted my blog to FB and from there Rusi showed the photos of Grandma French's furniture in my ski house - to her - and she was delighted.  So I'm adding some more;

Grandma's dishes were in the Williamsburg house - when I met her grandson he was living in the house (and it was top to bottom pink btw- pink rugs, floral patterned couches & love seat, pink vertical blinds) and these were the dishes in that house.  Well after we married we bought that house and lived in it until our 4th child was born and then we moved out in search of more bedrooms.

So these dishes are nostalgic not only for Tim but for me too.  These are Grandma's Japanese Stoneware pieces.  The back says "Hearthside, Garden Festival, Prairie Flowers"

 photo IMG_3743_zps250d580b.jpg

 photo IMG_3744_zps3ceb9a53.jpg
Grandma's Japanese stone ware

 photo IMG_3742_zps4361ceda.jpg
He just needs HP sauce

 photo IMG_3741_zps1d96f931.jpg


Michelle said...

Sweet that you still have these dishes.

Anonymous said...
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