Saturday, March 2, 2013

my own little Tap- Tap

The Sardine Can or Best Laid Plans

This week Tim said something about wanting to take Thalia to the mountain house on Thursday night.  Tim is working hard to become a dog person, but he is not a dog person.  He is the kind of dad that would starve a quiet child... he gets busy and focused and if you don't whine at him he doesn't remember that normal people eat 3 to 5 times a day.  So I said no.  And then completely out of character he asked if he could take Kahn Sol.  That is an automatic "no."  Kahn Sol is my dog.  He and I stick together and I get very upset whenever I can't take him with me on a trip.  Not happening.

Thursday night got dicey on the home front so instead Tim left early Friday morning - wanting to at least have time to tune skis before the middle two went to their championship races this weekend.

He took the Sprinter.  One person, almost no luggage, 12 passenger van.  If I'd known he was going to do that I might have let him take a dog. Or a kid.  He did very sweetly move car seats and make sure they were secure.  In doing so he blocked the car seat that moves to allow the back row into the back row seats.  Sometimes I think my life should be a reality show.  So - We put the back seats down flat, got the 105 lb lab into the back, pulled up the two seats that are one bench, got the dog to sit there, pulled up the other seat and then my oldest boys climbed in from the back over the seat.  Luggage in the well.  I won't put dogs in the well for the same reason I won't ride in the well.  You'll get car sick and it isn't comfortable, plus I had luggage. (and even so we forgot the sleeping bags - every week there is something my husband wants me to remember and every week I forget.  Maybe in that big ol' van there was room for sleeping bags?)

 photo IMG_3728_zps8047ae31.jpg
middle row

 photo IMG_3731_zpse4a37434.jpg
back row, that is a lab sitting on Tiger's lap, and the puppy's behind trying to find a spot... 
So - for the sake of posterity - I felt the need to record this.
When my kids are telling their kids that they had to stuff themselves into a car and fight the dogs for room after walking both ways in 2 feet of snow barefoot- they can at least prove the car & dog part of that story.

 photo IMG_3729_zpsfdc565e1.jpg
Thalia still trying to get comfy

 photo IMG_3733_1024_zps7d88c3c1.jpg
riding shotgun to softball practice
 photo IMG_3735_zps9cf53558.jpg
trying to share the front seat
Ever been to Haiti and ridden on one of those crazy public transportation vehicles?  They are called "Tap Taps" everybody crams in, with goats and chickens and stuff hanging out the window, and you hold on for dear life and fly along a muddy street filled with pot holes while the driver keeps his hand on the horn to warn pedestrians and bicyclists that you are coming.

Well - this isn't *that* intense.  I mean, we have seat belts, and there weren't any chickens, and I followed the speed limit and didn't threaten the lives of any pedestrians... but I think I ought to go ahead and paint the car... (Tim would die!)

And before you call CPS just remember what ya'll did to Romney for putting his dog on the roof...


Heather O. said...

Yes, that's exactly what a tap-tap feels like!! Except there was nobody hanging on the side or the roof (I hope). You should totally paint the car. I would support that 100%.

troutbirder said...

Handsome GSD there. Though my one hundred pounder like to ride on my lap when I'm driving. He was banished to the back of the pickup...;)