Tuesday, March 19, 2013

seriously? oh, and kudos to apple and splash

Today I sent the follow email to my husband and I titled it "Why your life should be a reality t.v. show"

episode 1,882:

"I think my phone just flew off my car"

your wife was driving home from fetching ballerina, after picking up the softball player at the game that didn't happen, and while on 199 something flipped up off the dash and hit the windshield and flew over your wife's head.

she looked at the softball player and said "I think my phone just flipped over the car?!?"
as she doesn't remember placing the phone on the top of the car, this surprised her.

She pulled over, got out of the car and walked back to the on ramp but cannot find her phone.

She's going out now to look again.

Seriously, the softball game got canceled and I picked up my player, and then fetch M from ballet and was on my way home and at 55 miles per hour my phone flipped off of my car.  I do not remember putting it on my car...

and then I did go back out (muttering to St. Anthony)
and I did find it
and it works
and there is a scuff mark on one corner of the case.

This is so my life!  I mean, if you know me you are just nodding your head and saying "of course that would happen to you..."

That is a well made iphone case.  If you need an iphone case I would suggest looking at a splash case.  That phone left my car at 55 mph (cause of course I don't speed, ever [yes I'm pulling your leg]) and must have bounced at least once, and I found it, face up, on the shoulder by the left lane... and it looks fine.

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