Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walk in Colonial Williamsburg

Saturday was a whirl wind day, but somehow Tiger and I squeezed in a walk in Kahn Sol and Thalia in Colonial Williamsburg.  We parked off behind the Dewitt Wallace Museum by the pasture.  If you walk away from the museum along the edge of the parking lot and the pasture fence you find a little footpath.

Periwinkle in Colonial Williamsburg photo IMG_3814_zps5691b7cf.jpg

Daffy photo IMG_3813_zps9ddd3027.jpg
blurry Daffy

 photo IMG_3818_zps2ff0da0d.jpg
pasture across from the DeWitt Wallace

Country Gentleman with Dogs photo IMG_3817_zps112ff7a9.jpg
playing at the country gentleman portrait pose
I love that last photo.  Perhaps some day I'll have time to do a lovely oil (I haven't worked in oils since my first pregnancy) and blend that pasture setting with Tiger and the two dogs...

The sun kept going in and out and we crossed the road towards Duke of Gloucestor.  We wanted to walk through the small maze over by what the kids call "the climbing tree."   I stopped to take a photo of the beehive (something about that setting that I love) and a dog snarled at us.  Thalia answered and then Kahn Sol actually dragged Tiger across the road at the offending dog.  Tiger's arm was all scrapped up.  I called Kahn Sol off and he turned around but only after pulling Tiger over- so we put the dogs into a 5 minute "down stay" to remind them which end of the leash they are on.  

 photo IMG_3819_zpse272ccd6.jpg
beehive garden, faces the green by Governor's Palace
 photo IMG_3821_zps1d867eb6.jpg
sheep pen behind the maze
I love all the pastoral settings in and around Williamsburg.  It is such a lovely place to go for a walk.  I need to update my Good Neighbor Pass so I can go inside the buildings and take some photos to share. (The Grounds are free for walking about, a purchased pass gets you inside buildings.  As it is a non profit museum they would really like us to purchase passes.)


Michelle said...

Really a beautiful place to be able to walk. I LOVE that photo of Tiger with the dogs. Would be love enlarged/framed on a wall.

Jim said...


W. Latane Barton said...

That just reminds me that I need to get over to Williamsburg soon. I loved your pictures.

RobinfromCA said...

I love Colonial Williamsburg! My daughter lives near there and I have been many times but I would really love to go when it's not staggeringly hot and humid or freezing cold. I can't seem to get that right! lol! It's such a beautiful place.
Have a lovely week,