Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green - its the color

I have a these cousins - they are cute. they keep up with what it hot and what is not. or if you read a different magazine; what is in and what is out. They "are in the know." And sometime in January or February (I don't really remember which) they were having a Facebook conversation about "the color" and lucky for me I happened to notice.  So I messaged my Aunt (mother to these girls) who is also "in the know" and asked:so before I go shopping I need to ask you. What color is "the color?" (I know I know - my 18 year old self is so disgusted with my lack of awareness)
and she helpfully supplied the following link:

And a friend from High School recently became a Stella & Dot representative and invited me to her opening party. So... I purchased the Zinnia Bracelet
and recently I bought Revlon's "posh" 571 nail polish
and so for about $60 or less, I'm feeling totally fashionable and trendy and I can still wear black.

(if you visit my blog because you like my photos and stories about Virginia, or you have a twisted sense of humor and enjoy my stories about kids, never fear.  My digressions into fashion trends are generally well spaced out- unless I'm on a craft or up-cycling tangent.  It is the challenge of not being able to focus on one interest.  But a blog per interest is really more than I can handle.)

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Michelle said...

Hey, I like that green nail polish! Also like the bracelet!