Sunday, May 5, 2013

For Posterity

You know,
you have those days. And you think "I have to write this down.  Because I probably won't remember, but I should"
Bitsy is one of those children who has issues listening.

So today it was:
Tim (husband) and the older kids have been working in the yard.  Specifically, putting in flower beds and so on, and sometimes that involves tools like a hoe, or a shovel, or a pitch ax.  And Tim and the older kids and I find ourselves saying things like "Bitsy, don't stand so close" or "Bitsy, back up" or "Bitsy give so and so some room"
I was inside today peacefully folding laundry and watching "White Collar" on Netflix (which is code for: Annice Johnson or Myon Valentino if you must call Child Protection Services for neglect, I was inside. Turn in the parent who was outside "supervising" okay bitches?)
Tim was outside with Dragon & Tiger tearing up the lawn.
Tiger was manning a pick ax.
Bitsy snuck in behind him and took it in the eye.
Yes, the left eye area, so the eye is fine, but she'll have a nice little scar just a breathe away from the left eye.
And poor Tiger was distraught.  Bitsy on the other hand... well it hurt, and I made her hold ice over it, and if we had had crazy glue I would have glued it but we didn't.  So... cleaned it up and Neosporin and so long as it doesn't get infected...
if I had a penny for every time I told that child to back away from the brother with a hoe, a shovel, a pick ax her college education would be covered.
but no.  She has to learn the hard way.
and I have to write it down so I can tell her when she's older

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FoxyMoron said...

Ah I miss those days of crazy eye threatening accidents. Yes this will be a story worthy of being told, that's for sure.
Oh and no amount of parental supervision could have avoided that happening, unless you locked them all up in the house and made them just watch Tim doing the gardening!