Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A peak at K's room

Last summer K and I redid her room, there are pictures posted from last August. Which you can see here at "Teen Bedroom" The other day I was bringing something up to her room and decided to snap a couple of pictures with my phone.

I guess they aren't really of her room, they were of her dresser and the things on top of the dresser but the first photo is too dark to use...

teenager's corner photo 2013-06-22160811_zps46d5ab12.jpg
top of her dresser
collections photo 2013-06-22160858_zps3110f577.jpg
a shell collection housed in a mason jar, holds her earrings
artist's desk top photo 2013-06-22161300_zps47fed34d.jpg
recent sketch

I love the little bits of personality peeking out.  The collector, how she is organized and not at the same time, the art she is working on... it is fun to see her emerging into this very neat almost grown person.

She is out of town, when she gets home I want to ask her to consider doing a "how to" video regarding her crayon melt.

crayon melt on board photo 2013-06-22160828_zps45484872.jpg
crayon melt

She did it at her friend's house, they used a hair dryer and old crayons.  Then K started gluing win corks onto it so she could use her stick pins.  She keeps telling me "I need more wine corks mom" yes dear, I'll get right on that ;)

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