Monday, July 22, 2013

Last week-

sometimes you wonder why you ever had children and how you will ever survive raising them.

It wasn't one hundred degrees Thursday (I was expecting it to be) so I decided to take the kids to Water Country.  I bought Little Hawk a summer fun pass earlier this year and that cost $99 or something like that, so I promised myself we'd go to the parks at least 9 times to make it worth it.  Yesterday was our 3rd visit - it is mid July - I'd better get serious about this.

Getting there was a *hassle* MLyons had decided she wanted to cook pizza (from scratch, like make dough) and didn't want to go, Bitsy was happy splashing at swim practice and wanted to stay and play after practice, so it actually took cajoling on my part to get them to leave the pool and go home to go to the water park (why did I buy these ridiculous passes?) along the way Tiger saw is best friend so I signaled that he could invite him - the best friend called his mom who said she had his pass but wouldn't be home until 1PM.  We waited.  Then the best friend showed up at one and said he was so sorry, his mother forgot he had company coming over and he would not be able to go after all.  But that was okay because we'd had time to eat lunch.

Finally we go.
I like Rock n Roll Island because the two littles and I can float around the river, while the older 3 ride a slide and there is a big pool in the center and we are not too spread out.
After a bit we head over to kiddie koral so Little Hawk can take off the life vest and run about.  Then to the wave pool.
I have the two littles and the older 3 are out in the waves (with life vests although they are all good swimmers) and then I decide to go check on them so we are all out in 6 feet of water and I hear MLyons yell "hey that is mine!"   Dragon is taking her life vest.  I order him out of the water.  I pull the littles behind me and go to speak to Dragon.

"What are you thinking?"His face let me know that he feels misunderstood, that he feels that he is being singled out unfairly.

"I saw a life jacket that looked like it would fit me better and I wanted to try it and then M screamed at me."

I'm confused. How does he think M is wrong here?  I try to explain: M was using that life jacket, in 6 feet of water, and you tried to take it.  If I took a life jacket from you in 8 feet of water wouldn't you scream at me? She's about 4 feet tall, you are about 5 feet tall, that is a lot of water even for a good swimmer.
He doesn't see it that way and I'm at a loss.

I turn around to gather my kids back to the kiddie koral and I cannot find Little Hawk.  I cannot find my 3 year old who cannot swim and I'm at the wave pool.  And then I realize I cannot find M either.  I hope they are together.  I send Tiger to the kiddie koral to look for them.  I am scanning the water and at my feet diving in and out of baby waves is Dragon.  I am so angry.  I pull him to his feet and hiss at him, "I was talking to you about not drowning your sister, and while I was doing that I lost sight of your brother and you are frolicking in the water like it is no big deal.  Do you not feel an ounce of personal responsibility? Help me find him!"  I've got a tight grip on Bitsy.

I am scanning the wave pool and cannot find him.  I wade out to the life guard in the water to alert her that I am missing a non swimmer and then I flag down a park employee who calls security for me.  Tiger comes back to tell me they are not at the kiddie koral.  Security wants me to walk over there, I am afraid to leave the wave pool, that is a lot of water but I agree. And I see them.

I have been missing them for maybe 15 minutes.  I am trying not to over react. I am trying not to scare M who says "I couldn't find you so I came back over here.  And I brought him with me."  I don't know how she lost sight of me but she tried to take care of her brother and they are fine...

And this my friends is why I haven't been to the water park in years.


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I find your candor refreshing. I find raising only two children quite the challenge! Bravo to you for trying to take everyone to the water park!