Wednesday, July 24, 2013


My Aunt and Uncle have had a place in Mathews County for years, and I rarely get to go visit.  I am at that point in my life where my kids have activities and my days are all chopped up and frankly it is a little ridiculous sometimes.

But a few weeks ago the two little ones and I made it to my Aunt & Uncle's for a visit.

And I ask myself, really?  Are we really *that* busy that we don't take advantage of this more often? What is wrong with me?

Little Hawk out with my Aunt

Mathews County, Virginia

I told the parents of my daughter's friend about how nice the water is, I've been trying to find a public beach out this way to send them to.  No luck yet.  I think my Aunt & Uncle look out at Mobjack Bay.

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LV said...

Life can bathetic, but it is good to take a minute out and check on loved ones. Life is much too short to put off until tomorrow, as it may never come.