Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Soccer, Keens and Old Spice

or: harassing my 11 year old son

Several weeks ago my son lost his swim goggles and got the whole "I only buy one pair a year" speech and did a bunch of chores to earn a second pair, which he promptly lent to a friend who lost them.  Luckily he picked a fairly responsible friend who took the loss seriously and so the boys went off to Target together so the friend could purchase my son a new pair of goggles.  Unknown to me my son had a gift card laying about and he took that too.  And bought deodorant.

Yes. My 11 year old used a gift card to buy deodorant. I feel blessed to have a son that showers.

Apparently the deodorant purchase was a big deal.  The friend (a year older than my son) advised him that "Old Spice" was the best and they spent a great deal of time choosing which one to purchase.  Dragon (my son) came home and excitedly told his older brother and I all about it.  "Mom, they have like a wall of different kinds to choose from."  But funny enough he couldn't remember the brand name, so I asked him "was it Old Spice."  yes! He said as if I'd brilliantly answered a trick question.  And I burst out laughing, his enthusiasm was just too much.  "What's so funny?" the boys wanted to know.  So I told them, when I was their age, Old Spice was old guy stuff.  I went to Jr. High in the era of "Polo."  But I conceded that Old Spice had really stepped up their marketing and it was known that they had made inroads with the young men's crowd.

We are Netflix people so the boys had no idea what I was talking about.  So we Googled "Old Spice" commercials.  Hilarious. Truly Hilarious.

Well, a few weeks pass and today was the first day of Dragon's soccer practice.  This is a new team and he is super excited.  So we came home from trying on and ordering uniforms and I looked at the clock and said, "we need to leave in 15 minutes to get M to ballet and then I will take you to soccer, go get ready."  He interpreted this to mean, "go put on deodorant."  In the car I have all the windows down and the air conditioner running and my hand over my nose (no lie) trying to breathe despite all the man smell emanating from my son.  gag. I am not sure how I am going to survive Jr. High.  We drop M off at ballet and as I get back into the car I happen to look at Dragon.  "Um where are your cleats?" He looks at me blankly.

My son is headed to soccer practice wearing his Keens.  No cleats.  No shin guards.  But plenty of deodorant.  I can't quite wrap my head around this and drive him home.  On the way I call his dad, mostly because I just need to share, who is equally speechless.

We get home and in less than 5 minutes Dragon has found cleats, shin guards, appropriate socks, and his soccer ball and filled up a water bottle (he'd first used a coffee mug...)  I keep laughing about the whole thing and my highly mature 12 year old finally says "Mom, knock it off, he is nervous about playing with a new team."  Well obviously, but they don't care what he smells like!  We drove back to practice where he was 20 minutes late, but he looked ready to play soccer.

So here is one for the memory book...

 photo 2013-07-16170711_zps9af10609.jpg
couldn't find a water bottle so he grabbed a travel mug...

and in case you too missed the Old Spice Marketing Blitz:

and better yet... Smell Like A Monster with Grover

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