Monday, July 29, 2013

T-shirt Blanket

Actually, its a golf shirt blanket.

I've been sneaking this project in when my husband is out of town... for several years (maybe 7 or 8?) he has taken his business to two big trade shows each year, one in Florida and one in Las Vegas.  And each time the team makes up shirts to take with them so they all look "together." And then of course they wear them for how ever long... and then they get old but there is always a new one coming right?  But what to do with these old shirts.  It seems weird to take them to "Fish" the locally run organization that takes in (and repairs even) clothing, linens and food for locals in need.  It seems weird because the shirts are so "branded" there is a logo on the front, usually one on the sleeve and sometimes one on the back. It also seems weird because this is his small business he's built up so to me it is like taking in something monogramed with his name on it and seeing other people wear it around town.  Too personal.

So I decided to make a blanket.

t-shirt blanket photo 2013-07-09171253_zps5f0621ad.jpg
getting started
I am not using a pattern.  I am cutting up the shirts into rough square//rectangle shapes and sewing them together into rough square/rectangle shapes.  A proper quilter would most likely create a standard size or a least square the edges but I'm not that worried about it.

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troutbirder said...

Well it might not be "standard" but who says everything has to be cut to the same mold. Very nice...:)