Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wintergreen in July

monster mushroom
It is time for the Wintergreen ski team's summer camp in Mount Hood.  My husband and 4 oldest are off in Oregon skiing.  They report that it is unusually warm and Hood has less snow/ice than usual.  But they are having a good time with the team and they've bumped into some of the women who race or have raced on the World Cup Circuit.  Hailey Duke rode the lift with my husband one day.  And Megan McJames another.  But Bitsy, Little Hawk and I are not there.  So we decided to leave the humidity of the Tidewater region and spend a few days in the Virginia Mountains, without snow or US Olympians but we did find unusually large fungi.

Foggy Morning

In the mornings we'd get out for a walk with the dogs.  It was super foggy each day.  Some days it burned off but other days it rained.  Either way, it was pretty.

rocky trail

I'm so proud of these little guys.  Bitsy is 6, Little Hawk is 3.  I regularly drag them out on challenging (for them) terrain or long (3 plus miles) walks with the dogs.  And they just plod along with me.  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am that they are not whiners.


troutbirder said...

Little troupers indeed. And no whining. I love it. My two sons were the same way at that age. Always ready for a hiking adventure...:)

JJ said...

I have been to Oregon several times, I love Mt. Hood, and I love skiing. Skiing in Oregon: Never did that, but I am jealous!