Friday, August 23, 2013

Beach Week is Bike Week

getting to the beach, getting too big for the trailer
ready to ride
Biking - we don't bike that much as a family (which is sad really) until our Hilton Head beach week, and here we bike everyplace.  The Island has walking/bike paths everywhere.  The Shipyard, the area where we stay, has bike paths everywhere too.  Several of the kids have actually learned to ride their bikes here...

This week it was Bitsy's turn to learn to ride.  She wasn't highly motivated at first, but a squished ride in the trailer helped change her mind.  And the incredibly patient K, her 15 year old sister.  

On Monday I spent nearly 40 minutes working with Bitsy and every attempt ended in a crash landing.  She hit mailboxes, shrubs, landed in pine mulch a lot... it was a rough beginning.  Got me thinking though, in bike riding and in much of life, if you spend too much time looking at where you don't want to go and thinking about where you don't want to go, you inevitably end up exactly there.  You have to look at where you want to be.  I think I need to tattoo that to my forehead.

woohoo! on two wheels!

Tuesday K took over.  By Wednesday we were seeing quite a bit of progress.  And Thursday Bitsy rode her bike to the beach.  Yay!  She still needs help getting started but that will come.

Admittedly there was bribery involved.  When we teach them to ski, if they fall they get "falling down cake."  Because you have to fall to learn to ski.  So... she got to choose a desert each day for accomplishing a little more.  First it was ride around the little circle in the cup-de-sac one time. The next day ride around it two times.  The next day ride to the beach. Etc.  She kept saying she wanted ice-cream.  Now, remember, my husband is vegan.  It has been along time since these kids have seen him buy ice-cream.  Bitsy went to the store and chose some artificially colored and flavored push up pop thing - my other kids were so disappointed.  The second day she chose Hello Kitty Popscicles, again, major disappointment.  So Thursday after she rode to the beach her god-father took matters into his own hands, instead of going to Piggly Wiggly to shop they went to Harris Teeter where she chose a "sinful white cake" and he chose chocolate ice cream to go with it.  Turns out the white cake had cheese cake icing.  We were in heaven! 

M biking home from the beach
one of those tandem attachements 

last day; bit of an accident

On his way home from the beach Tiger had a bike accident and scuffed himself up a bit. Luckily he's pretty tough.

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