Monday, August 19, 2013

Hilton Head

Hilton Head, our end of summer hurrah!

Getting there this year was a bit of a challenge; rain and rain and rain made the drive slow.  Driving through North Carolina I think we passed 4 accidents.  Each of which required emergency vehicles and of course backed up traffic.  I find myself sitting in traffic grateful that I'm not the one needing emergency assistance and hoping the person behind me doesn't hit me as we slowly make our way through.  Twice we didn't see the emergency vehicles behind us trying to make their way through.  One was a police car, never realized this before but they are not tall enough.  I drive a minivan and there was a truck behind me, standard pick up truck, and between us we were too high to see the police car a few cars behind us.  So it came up the shoulder.  Later a fire truck came up the shoulder but I had a semi behind me then and there was no seeing anything.

Sea Gulls lines up on the ferry

my co-pilot took this, rain in North Carolina


 But we did make it, and found Island Management and our packet including the pass to let us into the Shipyard and our keys to our condo.  Yay.  We had a dinner of Mediterrean Veggie Sandwiches (without the cheese) and black bean soup and salad from Panaera Bread in the newly renovated kitchen.
Sunday I went grocery shopping with the two little ones while the older ones slept in (teenagers right!) and finally at 10 AM made it to Starbucks for coffee - being highly dependent on my morning cup of Joe 10 AM was cutting it close for me! Got the groceries put away and we made our way out to the beach.

dunes at Shipyard Plantation Beach

I brought my Spanish Reading... I'm reading an essay entitled "The Improbable Empire" by Felipe Fernandez Armesto which is included in "Spain a History." So far this is the most interesting of the essays.  Really enjoying the author's approach.

bedside reading

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Cellar Door said...

The picture of the kids sleeping in the back of the car is priceless. My sister has a whole album on facebook, "Kids sleeping in cars."