Sunday, August 25, 2013

just woke up from a crazy dream; McJames, Marshall, and Ralph Lauren

I'm interrupting my Hilton Head stories to relate a crazy dream;

last night I dreamt I was out with American Skier Megan McJames and we were on our way someplace but first had to stop by a Ralph Lauren Store because he (Mr. Lauren) was sponsoring Megan and she needed to try on some clothes.

So we stopped, and Ralph Lauren was there (and in my dream had very dark hair and sharp features) and he picked out two yellow garments he thought would look good on Megan.  She went to try them on and I was hanging out at a table with Chelsea Marshall (retired US Ski Team member & Olympian).  When we left, Megan put down her bag for a minute and some woman grabbed for it.  Megan said "hey" or something and tried to reclaim her bag and the woman was wrestling with her, so Chelsea and I said "hit me I'm not competing" and cornered this woman and I woke up.

Totally crazy.

So I checked FIS today and competition has started and Megan is working for points in New Zealand already.

I feel that I should say I have never met Chelsea, although I follow her via various media.  She comes across as an open book and pretty pacifist so I'm not sure that she goes around getting in brawls in designer boutiques.  But I get the feeling she'd cover someone's back pretty darn well.  Plus she's beast strong so there you go.

And PR people for Mr. Lauren.  It is a good idea.  You should totally support Megan. She's got a mega-watt smile and embodies American's Independent Can Do Spirit.  She was on the US Ski team and was good enough to be in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  Then she was sidelined by an injury.  She came back, she earned a NorAm title (which means she earned the right to compete in World Cup races the following season) she got cut from the team anyway.  She went Independent and won the NorAm over all.  This year her sights are set on Sochi.  (and because she is independent she is paying for her own travel, her own technician, her own room & board, her own training runs, her own coach...)

I really, really, want my husband's company to sponsor her but it is a small company and he's waiting on some business deals to finalize so he knows what capitol he has.  Meanwhile, the season has started already.

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