Thursday, August 8, 2013

Today started off a little oddly

So the usual chaos:
my husband runs a business which means that he is never fully focused on anything other than work unless he is skiing.  This summer in addition to work, his focus is being challenged by the mountain house.  There was a problem with the floor which everyone assured me was just minor even though I kept asking if it wasn't structural and then last weekend when my husband and two friends ripped it up they discovered that the upper load bearing wall wasn't built directly above the lower level wall, but was shifted off center by 4 inches and in addition, it had been completely cut away when the a/c unit was added and so that wasn't supported at all.  So that issue with the floor, uh-huh, it is buckling.  Good news is that we discovered this before anyone got hurt... So the husband has been off in the mountains and emailing about mountains and drawing floorplans and so on - and so I've got the 6 kids.  His brother is in town, and his dog Molly too.  She seems to have hurt herself last weekend and so I got her to the vet yesterday and it looks like a puncture. Poor baby took 3 staples.
 photo 2013-08-07151936_zps87649cc4.jpg
Molly wasn't very pleased with me
On Tuesday I finally saw the dentist and discovered that the reason I couldn't sleep all weekend is not that I have a sinus problem but that a year old filling from a dentist I no longer see actually killed the tooth and it is infected.  And then the end of summer is filled with numerous visits to the dentist for the kids, 6 wellness check ups/sports physicals, the orthodontist and so on and so forth.

And so is it any wonder that this morning while talking to Patrick, Tim's brother, and having my coffee I pulled out a bottle from the medicine cabinet and swallowed the pill and then a minute later looked at Patrick horrified and said, "I just took Kahn Sol's morning thyroid pill."

Really.  So I didn't take the medicine I'm supposed to be taking because I didn't think they'd mix well.

And so I posted the following on my facebook page:
signs you need more sleep: I just took the dog's medication. 
Any pharmacists awake yet?

the following comments ensued:

Megan: That's ruff
Laura: This made me laugh out loud. Hope you get some rest soon!
Sonya: Me too! Hope it was a good one ;)
Colleen: I think I'd try poison control... surely you have that number around somewhere...;)
Meg P: You didn't put on the cone, did you?
Angela: Just take yourself for a walk...
Traci: LOL I'm sorry! That was so funny...I hope you don't have any, ah, side effects. ;D
Nicole: I CANNOT stop laughing at your post and the responses. I really do hope you are ok. If you start chasing your tail call 911
Me to them: you guys are awesome. love all the comments. and because I know you are dying to know... if you take your dog's thyroid medicine you'd hope that you'd at least be a little peppy right? no. nauseous and sleepy. apparently I do not need thyroid meds... or I need different ones. Lisa, yes, I did look it up and decided that if it could be given to children (undoubtedly in a different dose) then I'd probably be okay, and yes, I'm not proud but I out weigh him by about 45 lbs. no tail chasing. Meg - Molly would have loved to see me in the cone but I bit her (ok just kidding) Colleen I was afraid of what they'd say 
Elizabeth: This post made me laugh so hard. Then I read the comments and laughed harder. I am so glad you are ok, and thank you for this laugh.

and somehow, the ribbing made me feel rather loved.  I ended the day with warm fuzzies and happy thoughts.  Silly really.  It is good to be able to laugh at yourself and better when your friends laugh with you.

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