Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekend in the Mountains

As I mentioned previously, the mountain house is under construction.  But before they ripped out the main floor, and the walls, and the kitchen, we spent two weekends up there shoveling gravel and digging ditches and redirecting rain run off...

Family work weekend/Mountain time:

building up a "run off" away from the house photo 2013-07-21112508_zps9da66ac8.jpg
building a slope to run water away from the house

More Shoveling photo 2013-07-21113940_zps5f68980d.jpg

shoveling photo 2013-07-21114108_zps0881f15e.jpg
still shoveling

Working Hard photo 2013-07-21112540_zps03292a13.jpg
he always finds the best spot

Thalia, 11 months photo 2013-07-21112622_zps36cefbd6.jpg
she hates not being a part of the action
 photo 2013-07-21095214_zps5c367c1b.jpg
best place for morning coffee

 photo 2013-07-28211624_zps9197f77a.jpg
telling stories

 photo 2013-07-28211528_zpsf666785a.jpg

 photo 2013-07-28212237_zpscad61438.jpg

Hiking photo 2013-07-29161441_zps6c297047.jpg
always need to have at least one good hike

Wintergreen, Founder's Overlook photo 2013-07-29161535_zps729b0da4.jpg
founder's over look

My Tribe photo 2013-07-29161637_zps92f127ff.jpg
the whole tribe

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