Saturday, August 24, 2013


I need to whine really quick:
my computer and my phone are not talking to each other any more.
This means I cannot access the photos on my phone without the arduous process of emailing them to myself, opening my email on my computer, and downloading them.  Royal pain in the behind.  As they are both made by the same manufacturer I feel betrayed. (although I'm sure upon closer inspection I will find that my computer is 1.) hopelessly outdated 2.) over due for a variety of upgrades 3.) told me that already, multiple times.)

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troutbirder said...

Perhaps you should call the operator on your phone maybe she can fix it. Or better yet maybe one of you neighbors listening in on your shared party line knows all about this sort of this. And.... oops wait a minute wrong century..... We have all these improvements now...;)