Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Hawk's Thomas the Train Birthday

Our little guy turned 4! I asked him what kind of cupcakes he wanted to take to preschool and he gleefully replied "Thomas the Train!"  I had meant, "chocolate or vanilla."  But now it was out there so I went to Pinterest to find help.  Pinterest sent me to "Hell-o-muffin!" and Little Hawk loved the train photo there!

And so this offered some inspiration.  I knew mine wouldn't be quite so amazing as this... but I gave it a shot and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

red velvet cupcakes, no fade cupcake papers photo IMG_5748_zpsc9d0420c.jpg

Cake Mate cupcake paper cups. I haven't tried the no-fade ones before and I'm pleased with the results. I opted for cake mix cupcakes. Red Velvet. Yummy.

cookie sheet with train track photo IMG_5750_zps79fdcf53.jpg

I thought about drawing a track like in the photo, but seriously? Why? We have lots of track. I thought the Melissa & Doug puzzle track would keep from moving too much, so I used a cookie sheet, covered it with napkins and placed the track and the train over the cookie sheet.

 building the cupcake train photo IMG_5752_zps50afcc73.jpg

In the picture from Pinterest, you notice that the cupcakes sit on top of graham crackers. I used the cupcake frosting in between my graham crackers. I didn't use anything to "fix" the cupcakes into place, I just set them on top of the crackers.

  cupcake train with oreo wheels photo IMG_5753_zpsc96d1382.jpg

add wheels. I used Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's cookies but you could use any kind of cookie.

Thomas the Train, Cupcakes! photo IMG_5754_zps971e4bec.jpg

Thomas the Train, Cupcake Train photo IMG_5758_zps67464301.jpg

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Michelle said...

Very cute!

JJ said...

Happy Birthday!

SmilingSally said...

How creative, CalinMarie!

I'm sure your son and his classmates were thrilled.

Happy Blue Monday!

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

I love what you did. Very clever with the crackers and the cookies. Good job and Little Hawk is surely happy.