Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Painting by the York River

On Monday M didn't look so good.  There is a cold going around.  She woke up snotty nosed and puffy-eyed but her one eye was so puffy it looked like she had pink eye.  And both eyes were blood shot.  I knew it was just a cold.  I knew I could give her Benadryl and send her to school.  And I knew chances were she'd be miserable and that Mrs. H our nurse might very well call me because of the puffy, blood shot eyes.  So, we sent everybody else off to school and went to the York River to let the dogs run while we sat and painted...

Yorktown, Board Walk photo IMG_5744_zpsb5f396bb.jpg

Painting on York River Beach photo IMG_5743_zps38c56b01.jpg

Dogs playing by the York River photo IMG_5727_zps23346f58.jpg

My dogs, playing by the River photo IMG_5728_zpseb21ea1b.jpg

Thalia, York River, 2013 photo IMG_5733_zps63304314.jpg,br />
Painting by the river photo IMG_5724_zps377a853f.jpg

Landscape Painting by the York River photo IMG_5739_zps52a7f83f.jpg
adding this as a late addition to "Outdoor Wednesday"

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Betty Luckhurst said...

What a lovely series of shots! The scenery is amazing!