Monday, September 23, 2013

Sketch- Magnolia Flower

I've been going through old art work, thinking about cataloging and selling it to make room for new.
This is a study or sketch in oil on pre-stretched canvas I did when trying to complete a commission I'd received in 1995/1996.

magnolia flower, sketch photo IMG_5663_zpse0c1363e.jpg
Magnolia Flower, Oil on pre-stretched canvas

I am cleaning out my studio.  This piece is for sale for local pick up only, it is on stretched canvas so I don't have a shipping plan thought out right now.  In the event that you are interested in having it shipped to you - leave me a message and maybe we can figure something out.

The two below are the pieces that were done for the commission.  The sale fell through and they hang in my dining room.
Magnolia Flower photo IMG_5723_zps7e70c8ef.jpg

Magnolia Flower photo IMG_5722_zpsca012648.jpg

Linking to Blue Monday where Sally is featuring art by Norman Rockwell


SmilingSally said...

Oh, Calin Marie, I had no idea you were sooo talented! I love these--all three of them!

Thanks for being so faithful to Blue Monday, and for sharing your blue.

Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic said...

Your magnolias are beautiful! I love the flowers, plus my granddaughter is named Magnolia :)
I have a magnolia watercolor painted by one of my aunts -- I am so very pleased to have it!

troutbirder said...

Very nice work.... And I'm missing my GSD Baron. Do I get a peek at yours?

troutbirder said...

Oh my what a sweet Thalia. I hope to get a GSD pup next spring. This time I need to be way more careful finding a breeder. The elbow dyplasia was awful....:(

troutbirder said...

Minnesota! Thanks...:)

Annesphamily said...

Your talent is incredibly wonderful! I have no artistic talent but admire those that do. Love your share and hope the weekend is a great one!