Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You can't make this stuff up!

2 shoe stories from yesterday:

K. (Cross Country runner in the previous post) texted me after school yesterday.  "I may need a ride home in about 20 minutes.  I am at a club meeting but may not be running today because I am without running shoes.  I have looked everywhere and cannot find them in the school or on the bus."
30 minutes later "Never mind I will explain."
An hour later I've taken MLyons to ballet and I have the boys in the car doing homework on the way to soccer and K calls and explains she borrowed her coach's shoes for practice and is sure she left her bag on the bus but when she asked the driver after school he said he didn't have it.  So we finish the call and I call transportation to ask how I track down a gym bag with shoes in it.  I describe the bag and the boys perk up, "Mom that bag is at the Middle School."  What?
"Yeah, we saw it on the news.  Someone left it on the bus and everybody thought it was mine but they said it had girl stuff in it." says Tiger.
So I drive over to the Middle School which is closed but I access the gym via the football coach and explain and he sends me in the office.  There I speak with our fabulous (I mean that. Ms. Swann rocks.) principal who tells me that the bus driver held up the entire bus line because he wanted the gym bag (that was featured on the news) back because he had a high school student who was looking for it and he wanted to give it to her in the morning! How kind is he?

Later that afternoon.  I have fetched MLyons from ballet and the boys are at soccer and there isn't enough time to go home, so we go to the Food Lion to pick up fresh veggies for dinner and I am weighing zucchini and Bitsy says "mom where is my shoe?"
I turn around and my 6 year old is standing in the Food Lion with one shoe on and one shoe off.
"Bitsy! What did you do with your shoe?" I ask her.
"I don't know."
Little Hawk points at the lettuce right next to the zucchini "Its over there."
MLyons and I look around the floor, under a few pallets and Little Hawk insists "over there" pointing at the lettuce.  So I look at the lettuce.
Now, you need to understand.  There is a man standing in the produce section directly in front of the lettuce stocking more lettuce.  So he's working and I'm kind of looking around and finally I say to him "I'm sorry.  Did you see a yellow shoe?" he looks at me as if I'm insane.  "A yellow shoe?"
"yes" I say and I point to Little Hawk "he says it is over here."
I spend another minute looking around and then I see it.
Directly over the man's head, on the top shelf of the produce refrigerator thing, is her shoe.
She was dancing and kicked it off while I was weighing zucchini and it missed hitting this man in the head by maybe 1/2 an inch.  I am dumbfounded.
"excuse me" I say and reach for the shoe which I hand back to Bitsy.  And then I say "I should have taken a picture of that shoe on top of the produce refrigerator."  But I'm not about to take it off her foot and put it back up there so I can snap a picture.  The Lettuce guy has clearly decided that I actually am crazy, no need to add fuel to that fire.
Bitsy happily puts her shoe back on as if kicking it off into produce is a daily occurrence and I can only shake my head.

yellow ballet flats photo yellowshoes_zpsc3cea5e1.jpg
offending yellow ballet flats

Produce in Food Lion photo foodlion_zpsa8c90122.jpg
yep - right there above the lettuce

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