Saturday, October 12, 2013

catching up

It has been a week full of sniffles and coughs, busy kids, getting ready for a trade show at work, and I'm in the middle of "Killing Che" by Chuck Pfarrer.  This week in photos:

Virginia Cotton photo IMG_5864_zpsdf0c1ca2.jpg
last week was warm, high 80's and sunny. After dog training I stopped to look at a field of cotton. I've lived in Virginia since 1999 and I haven't seen a field of cotton until this fall. When I drive through Isle of Wight and Windsor I pass several fields.

white cotton photo IMG_5863_zpse3dbbaa1.jpg

Sadly today when I drove out to dog training the cotton was still in the fields. It has rained hard for 4 or 5 days. Can you pick cotton after it gets soggy looking in the rain? I hope so.

 photo IMG_5862_zpsa2975878.jpg

Seagulls by the Ferry photo IMG_5871_zpsc4679b2a.jpg

Seagulls by the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry

   photo IMG_5859_zpse53407b2.jpg
MLyons has a new friend. She's from Sweden! We had her over last Friday and the girls made cookies and tootsie roll pop ghosts.
 photo IMG_5858_zpsa4b8fd38.jpg

 photo IMG_5852_zpse777abc1.jpg

Molly is visiting

lab snuggles photo IMG_5885_zps8d7b3388.jpg

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troutbirder said...

Yuk. Sniffles and coughs cover most of last week for me too. And, of course, it was perfect fall weather outside when you don't feel like doing much....:(