Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chores, Cookies and Allowances

I'm a bum mom. I don't do allowances.  I do remember getting an allowance at different points in my childhood but I'm not into the idea.
1.) I never have cash so the kids would never get paid
2.) for years there has been a thief amongst us so if a kid did get paid their brother would likely apprehend their cash anyway
3.) the era of walking to a store to get something is pretty much over. I've been *lucky* to have one or two discussions with the friendly people at CPS and they don't think it is okay to leave my (then) 11 yr old in a locked house in a gated community with the dog for an hour during daylight.  They really don't think it is okay for her to leave the gated community by herself. So since I have to take them to the store to use their allowance, what is the point?

Well.  MLyons - my 8 year old asked last night if she could earn some money. "Like an allowance" she said.  Her friends get allowances.  Uh-huh.  So I wrote up a chore list. She read it and burst into tears.

Make her bed pick up her dirty laundry put away her clean laundry clean her room clean her desk make floor so it can be vaccuumed put away her shoes in her closet do her homework read for 20 minutes be ready for ballet on time

Pretty much stuff she is supposed to do every day anyway but I have to remind (nag) her about it.  So I thought, here is some motivation to get this done without nagging.

Noticing the tears I ask "not what you were expecting?"
"I have to clean up Bitsy's stuff? That's not fair!"
For clarification, she shares a room with Bitsy who is 6 and likes to play with M's stuff. And frequently leaves a trail. And when she cleans that means she puts everything (from dirty underwear to M's homework) in a toy basket.  Whatever, it is off the floor.
"Um, yeah.  I clean your messes and that is not fair.  What did you think you might do to earn money?"
To which she tearfully replies "Make cookies and stuff" and fled the room.
I have a dear friend who will relate to this. She too would prefer to make cookies and stuff to earn her keep.  So anyway...

Mrs. Field's sells 6 cookies in a tote for $20.  My grocery store sells 12 chocolate chip cookies for $6.00.

My daughter will make you 12 chocolate chip cookies for $10.00 (homemade with eggs and real butter)
Or vegan sugar cookies, modified with coconut oil (better for you than many other oils but still full of fats) for $12.00 a dozen.  
You pay shipping which we haven't looked into. But will.
interested? email me: cailinyates (at) g mail (dot) com

She's actually a pretty good cook.
And in case you are friendly with CPS.  No, she doesn't man the cookie sheet in and out of the oven. I do that part.


Beka said...

How old do you have to be to be left home alone?? By 11 we were allowed to ride our bikes from Indigo Park to CW to by candy at Wythe's (with our allowance), but that was in the Dark Ages.....

CailinMarie said...

I know right! I was babysitting at 10 yrs old. After the conversation I mentioned about the 11 yr old doing homework a friend of mine mentioned that she'd found published "guidelines" that said 9 year olds can be left for an hour during the day. They cannot be in charge of another child until they are 12. But apparently there is no hard/fast rule and if cps feels that the 11 yr old is being neglected they can take measures...

JJ said...

I wouldn't know about childhood maturity. At age 9, my friends and I were exploring neighborhood sewers with lit candles and sharpened sticks in case we encountered rats. My wife says boys never grow up, but I think she's wrong. I no longer explore sewers.