Thursday, October 31, 2013


Well, I'm cramming some breakfast into my mouth and typing and then I'm off to finish sewing costumes...

Some of the ideas are elaborate this year. Tiger and MLyons have very specific ideas about their costumes, woodland elves.  MLyons is Tauriel, the she-elf that was added to the Hobbit (not in the book!)

We went digging through the piles I keep (can you say pack rat?) and found old upholstery fabric:

awesome left over fabric photo 2013-10-12161252_zps45dfe8fe.jpg
isn't this the coolest fabric?
Halloween Pattern?McCalls photo 2013-10-12161210_zpsd76b9457.jpg

modified pattern photo 2013-10-12162144_zps63557be6.jpg
modified pattern

he cut it out photo 2013-10-12174401_zps8d47767e.jpg
he cut it, he sewed, this is his creation

 photo 2013-10-13175531_zpsf7eab9fb.jpg
sewing her chest armor

 photo 2013-10-13164044_zps63e577d3.jpg

elven breast plate photo 2013-10-13175651_zps4e073072.jpg
elven warrior

Dragon loves the Ranger's Apprentice Series.  He wanted to be a ranger.  He found an old wizard's cloak and decided to upcycle it into a ranger's cloak.

old wizard's cape photo 2013-10-13170303_zps66cd013e.jpg
wizard's cape

adding a hood photo 2013-10-13193807_zps0246efec.jpg
adding a hood

upcycled cloak photo 2013-10-14190807_zps3473ae5d.jpg
anyway - I'm off to whip up a tunic, and find all the pieces of the Jessie Costume from a few years ago. And can you believe it? Two of my kids have major tests and exams tomorrow! Who schedules an exam the day after Halloween? Oh, and it is college fair night at the High School tonight. How am I supposed to make *that happen? **After 8 PM ** my youngest two made it half way down the street and were done so I'm happily downloading pictures. finished Ranger:
Ranger photo 2013-10-31163444_zpse09e06a2.jpg
tracking candy

Woodland Elf photo 2013-10-31172857_zps37d85e2a.jpg
elf warrior
 photo 2013-10-31173402_zps96feb0b7.jpg
the littles: Toy Story's Jessie and Buzz, Tauriel and her new friend from Sweden as a Kitty
,br />

Jesse. Buzz. Elf. Kitty photo 2013-10-31173411_zpsbabe5784.jpg

Trick or Treat photo 2013-10-31175512_zps96313c2d.jpg
Trick or Treat!

 photo 2013-10-31192714_zps70344528.jpg
Fawn & a Witch off to the neighborhood party
My oldest saw something on pinterest some time ago that inspired the Fawn face, but she has those two test I was bemoaning earlier.  Luckily her friend the witch showed up and demanded that she dress up and come on out for Halloween.  There is a neighborhood party with a bon fire and costume contests and so on that happends after Trick or Treat is over.  So off they went.  I never take the little ones, we took the oldest way back when, some of the big kids are scary.

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