Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mountain Day

Yesterday was Mountain Day.
What is Mountain Day?
Well, if you went to Mount Holyoke College (I did) it is a day when class is canceled and you grab a monster sized cookie from the kitchen and throw on some walking shoes and go hike a mountain.  And this year, Mountain Day was October 1st.

Which has me thinking about New England falls.  And Atkins Apple Cider Donuts. I ordered donuts from them one year, they sent them via overnight I think, and then I froze a bunch and we'd warm them up in the toaster oven.  SO yummy.

And it brings up thoughts of college.  People ask me where I went to school sometimes and I say "Mount Holyoke" and usually they say "where is that?" I have a daughter who is 15, a sophomore in High School and we'll start looking at colleges earnestly this summer.  And I desperately want her to go someplace where she will find others like herself, and grow, and have a wonderful time.  I am somewhat flummoxed by my cousins who went to Penn State and get together for football games and parties and so on.  It is hard for me to say so, but my years at Mount Holyoke did not leave me with a grand group of friends that I get together with yearly or even biannually.  I saw my freshman year roommate for several years but that is it.  I am very aware this likely says more about me as a person than the school.  {Although I remember the summer between freshman and sophomore year, I worked at at camp in the mountains of Colorado with a bunch of college kids and at the end of the summer I sat down and cried.  I did not want the summer to end.  I did not want to go back to Mount Holyoke.  And yet, 18 months later when I wanted to quit college and go to art school and my mother and step father threw a fit and said "no." (funny, they were not the ones paying the tuition at MHC but I listened to them.) and so they convinced me to go to some po-dunk school in Georgia that the pastor had gone to (my high school was bigger) and within a very short amount of time I was ready to go back to MHC.  If nothing else I had a new appreciation for the level of academia I was being offered.  And so I returned to MHC and graduated.}  And I did have friends.  We just came from many different places and scattered to many different places and are not all getting together on any kind of schedule.  There is a reunion in the works for next year and I haven't gone to previous ones because I don't know who I'd talk to and what I'd talk to them about and that is kind of how I feel now.  

I am proud to have gone to Mount Holyoke, but I find myself hoping for a different college experience for my daughter.

My Mountain Day yesterday: My 4 year old is not feeling well.  But it was a warm sunny day so we loaded up the dogs and went out to play.  And then his dad called and wanted us to have lunch with him at work. Yummy Eggplant Parmesan sandwich (no cheese) but there are no doubt eggs in the batter. And then home and I tried to fit in some work.  I need to seriously organize my work time.   

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Michelle said...

I have to say I would have like the academia level at MHC. Even if it didn't leave you with a past full of social memories, at least you received a great education.