Monday, October 21, 2013

Venetian Photos

I am in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a Tech Conference.  We are staying in the Venetian.  Las Vegas makes my skin crawl -  but I find myself completely in awe of all the attention to detail that goes into the hotels and the decor.  I love the Venetian. The floors are gorgeous tile.  There are columns, and paintings, and plaster molds, and detail upon detail upon detail everywhere.

Last night we walked through the Canal Shops to the Sports Bar in the Palazzo to watch the Colts/Broncos game and along the way I took some photos:
Atrium, Venetian/Palazzo photo IMG_6056_zps1437801e.jpg

Venetian / Palazzo photo IMG_6053_zps2b48d643.jpg

Waterfall, Venetian/Palazzo Las Vegas photo IMG_6050_zps634dcb9f.jpg

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troutbirder said...

We often stop at small local casinos when traveling for buffet lunches but skin crawling... yes perhaps. But more sadness to see all the older people mesmerized by the slots...