Saturday, November 2, 2013


I didn't post these last week as I was posting about Halloween instead.  This is my neighbor's house.  As I don't follow baseball I rely on them to let me know when Boston is doing their magic.  One year they made a sign that said "We believe."  Thursday on my way in from walking the dogs around 10 AM I saw them leaving, presumably to get the kids to school, in their shirts.  You know they were up late watching the game and then celebrating.  I enjoy partaking in the celebration vicariously.  Then I can mention to my brother via FB, "oh yeah, Boston is in the World Series," like I know what is going on.  He is a big Boston fan too.

Incidentally there were several bearded Red Sox trick or treating Thursday night! (in Virginia)

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JJ said...

Congrats BoSox! Never a doubt!