Sunday, December 15, 2013

Colonial Decorations, Colonial Williamsburg, VA

On Wednesday there was a break in the rain and I got out for a bit with the dogs and my iPhone.  So just a few photos and they leave a little something to be desired, but you get the idea.  I was walking up to one of the doors on Francis Street to take a picture of a wreath made with small dried flowers like little pompoms. bright pink and then light pink and lots of grains.  But the door opened and a couple stepped out and there I am with the dogs... so perhaps I'll be able to sneak back over!

Colonial Williamsburg, Wreath photo 2013-12-11121630_zps6460f279.jpg

Window swag, Colonial Williamsburg photo 2013-12-11121819_zpse3cdff5c.jpg

Christmas Wreath in Colonial Williamsburg photo 2013-12-11121911_zpsf99954c9.jpg

Grapevine Wreath photo 2013-12-11122714_zpsc18a48de.jpg

Close up photo 2013-12-11122729_zps006f7876.jpg

Christmas Wreath in Colonial Williamsburg photo 2013-12-11122503_zps27cf5b52.jpg


Michelle said...

Beautiful examples of Colonial inspiration!

troutbirder said...

Very nice. I've been there in summer but... maybe someday in winter...:)

JJ said...

Have a terrific holiday season!!