Sunday, December 8, 2013


Last year one of my girls was in the Nutcracker Ballet as one of Mother Gigogne's children; I call them gingersnaps.  This year I have two.

I looked up "Gigogne" for spelling and Wikipedia
has this as Vsevolozhskys original design
for Mother Gigogne in the Original Nutcracker Production

Tonight our ballet company held dress rehearsals.  As Ms. Adelle does not require the littles to attend rehearsals over Thanksgiving they had had a bit of a break from practice.  And our "Mother" was there, played by a wonderful man named Tim.  Prior to his appearance Ms. Adelle had stood in for Mother.  So our Gingers were a little off at first.  But they ran through the dance a time or two and by the end everybody knew where they were supposed to be.

My Gingesnaps photo 2013-12-08165358_zps295298e9.jpg

If you are in Williamsburg December 14 or 15th, come see our Nutcracker.  I promise the Gingers will be ready.  For more info: The Nutcracker

 photo 2013-12-08172920-2_zps5e063e2e.jpg

Bitsy caught admiring herself. Too sweet!

my ginger under "mother's" skirt photo 2013-12-08172516_zpsd186a526.jpg
My little Ginger hiding under Mother's skirt

Bitsy is the little ginger in the pink.  They hide under the skirt and then jump out during the dance.

and they jump out! photo 2013-12-08172854_zps6898ae0e.jpg
Little Gingers Jump Out from under the Skirt!

 photo 2013-12-08172855_zpsc13e5c27.jpg
and skip away

Mother Gigogne, rehearsal photo 2013-12-08180709_zpsf66bc914.jpg
Bitsy is under that skirt!

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troutbirder said...

Oh my. How sweet. Makes me recall the time our eldest grandson was a little soldier in a Christmas season play in Colorado. Now what was the name of that play? I must have been to busy taking pictures of his "cuteness." :)