Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Swim

 photo 2013-04-16084624_zpscf1a6eb5.jpg
Kingsmill, off of Macaulay Road

Kingsmill has a great walking/bike path that cuts around the neighborhood.  It leads to a dirt path that goes to this water inlet that is part of Wareham's pond (I think).  It is a great place to come with the dogs, although I do generally feel that we "disturbing the peace" hah!

Thalia playing in the pond photo 2013-04-16084705_zps5b484d2c.jpg
Thalia, jumping in

 photo 2013-04-16084612_zps4e7cd42b.jpg

 photo 2013-04-16084554_zps746b9314.jpg

Getting the Old Man to Play photo 2013-04-16084814_zps976b5c14.jpg
getting the old man to play

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green - its the color

I have a these cousins - they are cute. they keep up with what it hot and what is not. or if you read a different magazine; what is in and what is out. They "are in the know." And sometime in January or February (I don't really remember which) they were having a Facebook conversation about "the color" and lucky for me I happened to notice.  So I messaged my Aunt (mother to these girls) who is also "in the know" and asked:so before I go shopping I need to ask you. What color is "the color?" (I know I know - my 18 year old self is so disgusted with my lack of awareness)
and she helpfully supplied the following link:

And a friend from High School recently became a Stella & Dot representative and invited me to her opening party. So... I purchased the Zinnia Bracelet
and recently I bought Revlon's "posh" 571 nail polish
and so for about $60 or less, I'm feeling totally fashionable and trendy and I can still wear black.

(if you visit my blog because you like my photos and stories about Virginia, or you have a twisted sense of humor and enjoy my stories about kids, never fear.  My digressions into fashion trends are generally well spaced out- unless I'm on a craft or up-cycling tangent.  It is the challenge of not being able to focus on one interest.  But a blog per interest is really more than I can handle.)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Highland County

More Spring Break Photos

driving from Wintergreen Resort Virginia to Snowshoe Resort West Virginia to ski, we drive through Highland County on Rte 250.  It is a beautiful drive.  Thursday night it had snowed in Wintergreen, and while it turned to rain overnight and the roads were clear, we saw snow, melting snow, and lovely views with fog as we made our way to West Virginia.

These are driving through the mountains on Rte 250 in Highland County.

Fog, Highland County photo 2013-04-05080549_zps733453a5.jpg

 photo 2013-04-05080613_zps964495da.jpg

K took the next picture out the window of the car as we drove along. It is a 3 hour drive and I'm not sure exactly where she took this photo. I think it is along Rte 250 also.  photo 2013-04-02191705_zps26808bf3.jpg

 photo 2013-04-02191645_zps7c849ff1.jpg

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rte 92

along Rt 92 photo 2013-04-05090628_zps47fdf727.jpg

 On the way to Snowshoe West Virginia.
I forget if this is in West Virginia or in Virginia, but I know it is along Rte 92.  April 5, 2013

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Stylin' Ski Bunnies, Wintergreen Resort, March 2013 photo 2013-03-30095050_zps3281f918.jpg
Stylin Ski Bunnies

Last week the kids had spring break from school.
We packed a lot into last week...
two days of skiing at Wintergreen Resort (unbelievable, April skiing in Wintergreen Virginia!) two days of skiing at Snowshoe Resort in West Virginia, two days of hiking with the dogs, Little Hawk had his first day on skis...

Little Hawk on skis! photo 2013-03-30160615_zps708660e4.jpg
Little Hawk and Tim (little dark)

 photo 2013-03-30161041_zpse92316c7.jpg
big brother & big sister pulling him back up hill!

 photo 2013-03-30161046_zps32f624e4.jpg
he's giggling