Friday, May 31, 2013

Pink Trillium

Last weekend we were in Wintergreen, Virginia for the holiday weekend.  Our ski buddies gather there for holiday weekends, and there was a mountain bike race (we did not participate) and a small art fair, and music, and food on the grill...

My husband and I drove separately and when they arrived I received a happy text from my 15 year old "there are wildflowers everywhere!"

Pink Trillium. All over the place.

 photo 2013-05-27172744_zpscb19dbd1.jpg
just out the front door

 photo 2013-05-27172726_zps5c64bb10.jpg

Those shots are on our little bit of property, just out the front door.  By the time I arrived at the house the girls had collected little posies and decorated the house with them.  There were flowers in Grandma French's cups placed in the bathrooms.  There were flowers in drinking glasses in the kitchen and on the big table.  There were flowers in a wine glass on "the grown ups" table.

Little Posy photo 2013-05-27124138_zps949b31b7.jpg
posy in the main bathroom

Flowers on the Table photo 2013-05-27125856_zps409517a9.jpg
another "arrangement" on the table

Pink Trillium photo 2013-05-27124108_zps2bf12694.jpg

According to the Virginia Native Plant Society these wildflowers can be found from Canada through Georgia in undisturbed forest with rich soil.  I am a little sad to see the emphasis on "undisturbed" as I'm afraid we are a rather disturbing bunch.  But it also states that the rhizomes need a good 3 or 4 years to become established before they will flower.  So perhaps we will be lucky - and our Trillium will be established enough to weather us.

It has been a while since I've had something pink to link up to Beverly's Pink Saturday

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pictures from Mother's Day 2013

Nana's Garden
My mother, their Nana, is an Interior Designer.
I believe she could also do landscape or garden design.
This is her garden.  We love to visit it.

Nana's Garden, Mother's Day 2013 photo 826d49e7-ab16-4ad6-ab74-155abe5d7b1d_zpsc0859a9c.jpg

Nana's Garden, Mother's Day 2013 photo 2013-05-12091747_zps6c0556a1.jpg

Nana's Garden Mother's Day 2013 photo 2013-05-12091806_zps243c7be7.jpg

Nana's Garden, Mother's Day 2013 photo 2013-05-12091517_zps4979c7c7.jpg

Nana's Garden, Mother's Day 2013 photo 2013-05-12091414_zps71ff71d0.jpg

Nana's Garden Mother's Day 2013 photo 2013-05-12091741_zpsf56c1ac2.jpg

Nana's Garden, Mother's Day photo 2013-05-12091959_zps143b7267.jpg

Nana's Garden, Mother's Day 2013 photo 2013-05-12092147_zpsf96a81a0.jpg

for more about Mary Mulhare, ASID 

I'm linking to A Southern Daydreamer's Outdoor Wednesday

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Strawberry Jamberry

strawberry am photo 2013-05-21184211_zps20901509.jpg
strawberry jam

We went strawberry picking and we brought home tons of berries - so I asked some friends how to make jam.  And my friend Heather brought me her canning pot and lots of tools and a recipe and pectin and everything.  And then one thing led to another and life took over and I never got to it... and we were eating berries... and Dragon & my mother made a strawberry pie (AWESOME!) which we ate so there isn't a picture of its awesomeness... and Thalia ate the pectin... and finally I got my act together and decided I really ought to at least try.  We had one quart of berries left.

I used the ball jar recipe for traditional strawberry jam.  I did something wrong, see how the berries floated to the top and there is what looks like jello underneath?  I'm pretty sure that isn't supposed to happen.  And I only used 1/2 as much sugar, which might also be why the strawberry separated?  

But you know what?  I was stressed that those berries on the top would be big and gloppy but they actually spread, so you get this awesome fresh strawberry taste in your mouth. pop! 

So now I'm on a mission to pick more strawberries and try again.  I think I could get the hang of this and this jam tastes yum!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Strawberry Picking at College Run Farms

Strawberry Picking at College Run Farms photo katcollegerunfarms_zps69827471.jpg
Picking strawberries at College Run Farms in Surry
College Run Farms is in Surry VA.  We heard about them years ago because the preschools take a field trip out there to pick Strawberries.  Not only are they school friendly, but on the other side of the James River, so we get to ride the ferry boat.  Best Field Trip Ever.

Fresh Strawberries photo strawberrybowl_zps79d230ce.jpg

This year I had heard that they wouldn't be open for picking.  I don't know the story, something like they'd lost some plants and it was going to be a small crop or something.  But I saw on Facebook (thank you Ashley) that they were open on May 8th - so I decided to grab MLyons and Bitsy out of school early and go pick berries. (I decided that at about 1:30 in the afternoon.  Little Hawk and I were running errands and I'm saying to him in the car "don't fall asleep yet. We are going to get your sisters.")  Just as we were driving back to our home to change from school uniforms into mud friendly attire, I received a text from my High School daughter.  Softball practice was to end around 4 and she needed a ride. Seriously? It was 2:15 already, no way to make it across the ferry and back... so we waited until 4.  Picked up K from softball and said "I'm kidnapping you" and headed to the ferry.  By the time we made it to Surry it was 5 PM, the farm closes at 6.  And it was raining.  But the young man running the place said we could have 30 minutes to pick.  The skies opened up and it was a downpour, but I tell you, those girls went to work.  (Little Hawk, however, was not impressed with this adventure.)  30 minutes later we went inside to tally up and we had picked 7 quarts of strawberries.  And they are so very yummy!

Strawberry quarts photo strawberryquarts_zpsa0339a91.jpg

"pickers" photo strawberrypickers_zps47aa72e6.jpg
wet, but happy berry pickers

When we were paying for our berries the young man said "I think you get the award for our toughest customers" Maybe we do. We'll be back for blueberries in a few weeks...

Monday, May 6, 2013


June 2009, about 2 1/2 yrs old


Bitsy, 2008
In a pretty little pink and white polk-a-dot dress found at Frances Johnston's in Chatham Massachusetts
I wrote a story about those dresses here: Frances Johnston

Sunday, May 5, 2013

For Posterity

You know,
you have those days. And you think "I have to write this down.  Because I probably won't remember, but I should"
Bitsy is one of those children who has issues listening.

So today it was:
Tim (husband) and the older kids have been working in the yard.  Specifically, putting in flower beds and so on, and sometimes that involves tools like a hoe, or a shovel, or a pitch ax.  And Tim and the older kids and I find ourselves saying things like "Bitsy, don't stand so close" or "Bitsy, back up" or "Bitsy give so and so some room"
I was inside today peacefully folding laundry and watching "White Collar" on Netflix (which is code for: Annice Johnson or Myon Valentino if you must call Child Protection Services for neglect, I was inside. Turn in the parent who was outside "supervising" okay bitches?)
Tim was outside with Dragon & Tiger tearing up the lawn.
Tiger was manning a pick ax.
Bitsy snuck in behind him and took it in the eye.
Yes, the left eye area, so the eye is fine, but she'll have a nice little scar just a breathe away from the left eye.
And poor Tiger was distraught.  Bitsy on the other hand... well it hurt, and I made her hold ice over it, and if we had had crazy glue I would have glued it but we didn't.  So... cleaned it up and Neosporin and so long as it doesn't get infected...
if I had a penny for every time I told that child to back away from the brother with a hoe, a shovel, a pick ax her college education would be covered.
but no.  She has to learn the hard way.
and I have to write it down so I can tell her when she's older