Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bitsy & I

Last weekend was a mommy daughter weekend for Bitsy and I.  We don't get those very often, it is rare to get any time with just one child, so we tried to make the most of it.

We read books, made a puzzle, watched a movie snuggled on the couch and we went for some nice walks together.

Across from out Library is the Williamsburg Community building. We parked there and the big black lab was with us. We walked over to the library but along the way we spied the potted flowers on the community building steps. Looks like a good spot for a picture. I won't post all 20 of them, but I especially liked this one.
 photo 2013-06-23113418_zps5833ba7f.jpg

After our photo shoot we walked to the library to return some books via the drop off. In front our library sits a bust of George Washington. I tried to google something to share, who made it, when and so on, but there are so many links for George Washington... so I'll have to read the plaque and take note next time I'm there.

 photo 2013-06-23113742_zpsdb257cc7.jpg

From the library it is a short walk to Matthew Whaley Elementary School and we took a peak into the garden, called Mattey's Garden.  This is a community garden started by one of the Master Gardeners and supported by several community organizations.  It is a lovely little garden, full of interesting ideas.

wheelbarrow gardening photo 2013-06-23114632_zps365be563.jpg

Ideas like reusing an old wheelbarrow as a planter. And they have blueberry plants that look very well, I took notes. They are in plastic bins, like a storage bin, with a pvc pipe.

to the garden gate photo 52f3195a-dcdc-4847-97df-374a4549396e_zpsa67509ec.jpg

She just loves being the boss of that poor dog.

Visiting the Climbing Tree photo 2013-06-23143052_zpsa0539a2e.jpg

On the Climbing Tree.  We heard that the Climbing Tree had been hurt in a storm a few weeks ago.  But it looked okay to us.  This tree is on the edge of the green behind the courthouse in Colonial Williamsburg.  Local kids love this tree dearly, I've seen many family portraits done on this tree, we take our friends to visit this tree.  We are very glad it survived the storm and hope it will survive many more for years to come.

footpath beckons photo 2013-06-23144029_zpsf194ed18.jpg

I love all the entries and pathways and open gateways around Williamsburg, such possibilities!

I am going to be away this weekend at a wedding (yay) so I'll try to check in and link up with Beverly's Pink Saturday as well as Sally's Blue Monday.

Catch ya'll later.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Conversation on the Ferry

 photo 2013-06-22131846_zps2b6b6f0b.jpg
James River, Virginia

Last Saturday I the dogs and I took the ferry coming home. It was a busy day on the Ferry and we sat in line, a ferry loaded but we were not on it.  Sat in line a little longer and we were the fourth car to board the second ferry.  For the past few years they have added a security check, an officer with what looks like an overside dental mirror will walk around your car and sometimes they'll ask you to open the back.  My car was chosen for inspection which proved to be a "loud" ordeal as the dogs sounded out the entire time.  Once on the ferry I was parked right at the botton of the staircase.  Our ferries have an upstairs area with restrooms.  I groaned as they parked us, "really? by the stairs? Thalia will be scaring every person that passes by!"  So I sat in the back seat with her and people watched.  I find people watching highly entertaining.

When I was directed to park a group of seven or eight motorcyclists were directed to park to my right.  They were wearing t-shirts that said "Fade II Black" with a skull wearing a hood on them.  Sounds grim but it was kind of a cool graphic.  They all dismounted, took off jackets and guards, some went up stairs others looked over the side of the boat.  An older gentleman wandered over to have a look at the bikes.

Look at that bike photo 2013-06-22133321_zpsef6f1c90.jpg
look at that bike
I don't know why I snapped the picture exactly, something about his posture and the seriousness of his examination interested me.

Conversation on the Ferry photo 2013-06-22133602_zps6698fba3.jpg
"you can spin it"
I heard the man in the grey sweatshirt with the black rag on his head say "you can spin it" and walk over.  He pointed to something that looked like it was on the exhaust (but I don't know heads or tail about motorcycles so I don't know) and spun it around.  They got into a conversation.  Then the man in the black T-shirt came over.  I think he was riding the blue bike.  He and the other biker talked a little smack about which bike was better, the blue one or the green one.

Fade to Black photo 2013-06-22133607_zps26c3d02a.jpg

I like this picture because of the body language of the two men in conversation on the right, and because you can kind of see the T-Shirt on the man walking away.  That man that rode the blue bike, when he suited up he had a black face mask with a white skull face.  It covered his entire face.  And then a shiny helmet shaped a bit like Darth Vader's helmet.  You never know what you'll see on the ferry!

I meant to publish this morning and link up with a Southern Day Dreamer's Outdoor Wednesday.  But I somehow deleted what I'd written.  But it is still wednesday... so I'm joining the party

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pink Tutus at the Ballet

It is time for June Show!  My dancers are excited to show off their talents in the annual recital, but before recital comes rehearsal.  We were there for what felt like all day... but the fun part is getting to watch all the other dances.

My favorite is "The Waltz of the Flowers."  I love the pink, the swishy tutus, the flowers in their hair, and watching the older girls on pointe.  As it is rehearsal we are allowed to take photos (as long as we don't use the flash)

These are some of Virginia Regional Ballet's dancers at recital rehearsals.  Enjoy!

Waltz of the Flowers photo 2013-06-08111239_zps93e12251.jpg
Waltz of the Flowers, rehearsal

Waltz of the Flowers photo 2013-06-08111245_zps1c5111a1.jpg
Waltz of the Flowers, rehearsal

Waltz of the Flowers photo 2013-06-08111303_zpsa025829c.jpg
Waltz of the Flowers, rehearsal

 photo 2013-06-08140942_zpsbec7221c.jpg
don't know the name of this piece but it was *fabulous*
hard to catch on iphone without flash though

Ladybug Ballerinas photo 2013-06-08150034_zpsac0ae65b.jpg
my Ladybug and classmates
waiting back stage

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

English Project

Shawn's Class Project (1920 x 1080) from Cailin Yates on Vimeo.

in the previous post (one heck of an English project) I shared pictures of the kids making costumes as well as pictures I'd taken of the kids while they were creating the video.
This is the finished product, Tim (husband) downloaded several pieces of video from my iphone to imovie, pieced them together, and added music from the actual sound track.
I kept teasing him that it was our son's project, but Tim likes to take over :-)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

One Heck of an English Project

Tiger is in 6th grade.  His English teacher encourages the students to use a variety of media when creating book reports.  There is the standard "Book Report Paper"and they are encouraged to write one, but he also encourages: an interview with a character, enacting a scene or scenes to tell the story, creating a video, and other means of sharing the book.

Tiger has been reading "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and has finished the 2nd book, "The Two Towers."

He decided to create a video of the book.

I was a little worried about this as we have also watched the movies and while the movies are now "old" they are popular.  But he has put his own spin on things so it should be all right.

The last 3 weekends have been taken up with preparations, creating armor and weaponry and cloaks.

Today I told him I was tired of being held hostage by his project and it needed to be finished.

So we have been "shooting."
The cast is Tiger and his siblings, ages 15 years old to 3 years old, myself, and my husband.

creating armor photo 2013-05-27112950_zpsbddacd8e.jpg
costume creation, armor

costume shop photo 2013-05-27112931_zpscf0b8c7e.jpg

M as an orc photo 2013-05-27113136_zps8e031026.jpg
M as an Orc

Trying on Uruk-hai costume photo 2013-05-27113227_zps696bfa46.jpg
Uruk Hai costume

that was all Memorial Weekend...


creating Hobbits photo 2013-06-02125507_zps9cce5db2.jpg
creating hobbits

creating Gimli photo 2013-06-02122534_zps5dc46d7d.jpg
creating Gimli
Legolas photo 2013-06-02125724_zpsdea55099.jpg
6th grader as Legolas

hobbit vs. uruk hai photo 2013-06-02125813_zpse014c345.jpg
Our Merry got carried away and attacked the Uruk Hai

on location photo 2013-06-02131344_zps2c42ed1a.jpg
"on location"
Hobbits photo 2013-06-02133021_zps0ad3c682.jpg
our hobbits, Merry & Pippin

Tiger & his dad are currently working out the editing of the video (taken via mom's iphone) and adding in music.  I hear lots of Enya floating down the hallway.

How did you spend your Sunday?