Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bitsy went to the dentist and

last summer I posted about Bitsy's teeth. She had to have general anesthesia to fix them and I was pretty freaked out about it. That post is "Metal Mouth"
I was questioning how Bitsy's teeth could possibly be so awful and wether our diet had anything to do with that.  While I wouldn't say Bitsy is vegan (she eats meats and dairy if she can get her hands on it) we eat significantly more plant foods and significantly less animal foods than most people.  We don't drink milk.  And there are days when Bitsy's entire diet actually is vegan. (my husband is vegan. He has been for 2 years. That post is entitled "The Diet" and for anybody who thought it was a phase; he had to apply for new life insurance for a small business loan recently.  The insurance company gave him some money back because he is in such good health. Seriously.)
I did suspect that the tooth decay might relate to my husband buying sweetened almond and soy milk instead of the unsweetened option and I insisted he stop at once.  He did.  For your reference the sweetened soy milk has 8 grams of sugar, the unsweetened has 1.
I was very anxious to see how her teeth would fair after the big dental work up.  Her 6 month check up was yesterday and her teeth look awesome.  Absolutely awesome!  So I'm thrilled.
Her dad suggested I get her some frozen desert to celebrate - but Bitsy heard desert and fixed her mind on cake.  She said "cake" so many times that I made her one last night.

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