Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Holiday recap

Saturday December 21st I had my husband's parents, his grandmother, his sister and his uncle all over for Christmas Dinner.  That morning I booked it down to Carrollton to say hi to my dog people and have a club meeting and then that evening we packed up and drove to Wintergreen to begin our Christmas Holidays.
Reindeer Games at Claire's photo 2013-12-22122627-1_zpsb9aa6b03.jpg
Reindeer Games at Claire's in Charlottesville
K had received some money from her grandparents.  She was supposed to give it to her dad for her ski team fees but somehow that message wasn't received and she wanted to go buy herself make-up with it. I was equally clueless and I drove her to the mall!  We had the most lovely day - we started at BareMineral and she had her colors done and bought a foundation kit and some eye color and then she wanted to stop in at Claire's for somethings for her sisters and then we just sort of strolled around.  Left to find a craft store so we could purchase ribbon and beads and then bought a Christmas Tree.  We were gone all day. Just the two of us. We arrived at the ski house in time to see the sunset, magnificent!

Sunset, Wintergreen Resort, Virginia photo 2013-12-23170437_zps24a1f02e.jpg
Sunset in the Mountains
On Monday the weather was still warm and Tiger and I went for a 2 hour long hike along the old AT trail within the Wintergreen resort area. 

Overlook, old AT trail, Wintergreen Resort photo 2013-12-23101136_zpsa59402c4.jpg
old AT Trail

View, Dec 23, 2013. Wintergreen VA photo 2013-12-23101115_zpsb98031b0.jpg

K and I were adamant that we wanted some crafty ornaments for our tree sprinkled with a collection of ornaments the kids have acquired for me at various ski resorts.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my husband join in the beading.  I just left it all open to interpretation and the kids strung beads and used piper cleaners to add shape and we had fun and I loved the end result.

Stringing beads photo 2013-12-22204908_zps9d302c70.jpg
stringing beads

string of beads for the tree photo 2013-12-22211006_zpseee1a50b.jpg
one long string

Ski House Tree photo 2013-12-23143413_zps67e98ce6.jpg
decorated tree

K snuggling with the dog and enjoying our tree photo 2013-12-23193713-1_zps9b10af4f.jpg
enjoying the tree
Stockings stuffed and placed under the tree photo 2013-12-24230434-2_zpse0805fc6.jpg
Santa duties complete

Sweet and Spoiled Lab photo 2013-12-24180957_zpsad6f0a17.jpg
the black lab prefers to spend his time at the ski house snuggled up
 photo 2013-12-25092941-1_zps7c4e3c50.jpg
Thanks Santa! We've joined the Rainbow Loom craze!

glass art photo 2013-12-27205332_zps3bf28836.jpg
K bought some Martha Stewart glass paints and up-cycled our recycling

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Sounds like a great time to me and I like the ornament making.